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portrait photo of disabled composer Lloyd Coleman sitting next to a piano

Lloyd Coleman

As part of an Arts Council funded programme of work, Dao is engaging with freelance writers to commission opinion pieces and interviews, instigating wider debate about music and disabled musicians that creates a greater understanding of where music sits with disability arts: The Sound of Disability. As part of this programme of work Dao has commissioned a young disabled composer Lloyd Coleman to produce a piece of music for the British Paraorchestra 


Amelia-Rose Hamilton

18 February 2016

I am a friend of Lloyd's and was so grateful to play his piece in Bristol as I play piano for the British Paraorchestra. He advised me to get in touch as I also compose and am really hoping to create a composition that would be accessible to disabled musicians throughout the country and also patients in hospital. I envision this to be a 'virtual orchestra' experience whereby we will record parts and people singing from different musicians, bringing those of challenging backgrounds to the for-front, showing skills as talented, disabled/ unwell musicians and patients to close the gap between ill health and the arts. I would be overjoyed if you would be able to support me in any way for this project.

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