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The O'Crypes family unite at the Olympic park, protesting in front of the athlete Pistorius

Episode 8


This week Brad unites the O'Crypes family in protest!

I've got tickets to see Pistorius! A pal I met through Black Triangle passed them to me - enough for all of us to go. But it's not just the athletics I'm so interested in...

Jood's trouble with ATOS has opened Mum's eyes to what's going on. Turns out someone grassed her up. One of the  neighbours probably. But once the DWP told us what the allegations were - that they had an eye-witness report that Jood was seen going off on a coach to her evening job - we told them about Jood's dance classes and the Community Bus that took her to them.

Red faces and apologies all round.

Mum was livid. Gramps and Nan weren't too pleased either.

Anyway, we're in the Olympic Park now. And this is when the fun is really about to begin. Looks like all those Tories won't be back - it was great to see Osborne and May booed so loudly the other day.

But we're going to make our own protest. That's why I wanted those tickets so badly. Pistorius attracts a world-wide audience - and that's what we want.

Because while everyone is cheering on the Supercrips it's the likes of us, The O'Crypes, who get forgotten, demonised, villified.

But tonight - we're going to show the world that we won't just roll over. That we might look like we're weak and vulnerable and easy to pick off. That we don't matter. But this government and their stooges ATOS had better watch out - Power To The Crips!