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Rapid Intervention - a film by Mark Collins

Set in a sleepy seaside community where nothing out of the ordinary happens, Chris Davidson is on a journey fraught with physical, mental and spiritual obstacles. His internal struggle with a diminishing faith is coming to a head as he strives to keep his life on track

The larger than life fragments of our existence pieced together like an entwining kaleidoscopic playback of our lives magnified on a bigger screen.

A gritty yet reflective film with elements of the supernatural, this dramatic insight into a small town lovable rouge will leave you speechless.

Mark Collins, writer and director of the short film 'Rapid Intervention'. is currently at Flyte Creative Media and studios working with David K Bower and the team on pre-production for the film.

David, the deaf actor who is well known for his lead role in the British hit comedy film 'Four weddings and a Funeral' opposite Hugh Grant, but just as well known as artistic director for the international touring company Signdance Collective based in Amsterdam and Bucks - plays the lead role in the film- CHRIS DAVIDSON, a lovable small town rogue in this tense short drama.

Director Mark Collins said: "This is a great opportunity to collaborate with such professional and experienced people including Stephen Hope-Wynne playing TONY the armed police officer and introducing 10 year old Sammy-Joy Bonetti as JENNY the daughter of CHRIS who plays a pivotal role in some touching family scenes in our film."

The production which is a collaboration between - up and coming Flyte Studios Isle Of Wight, Sign Dance Collective International and Clearcutz Productions, will be filmed entirely on the Isle Of Wight during November 2012 with a release date early in 2013

David Bower said: " Im very pleased to be involved in this production because its a quality script , and its great that the production team is so inclusive and welcoming' this is a very cool project with loads of energy and new ideas "

Jamie Griffin director of the production house said : On behalf of Flyte studios we can't wait to start!

For further information or to get involved please contact Clear Cutz Productions


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Stuck In The Middle With You and Lovin'It!

Black and White photograph of a signer standing next to David Bower dressed in white shirt and braces

The Company was neither part of Unlimited or Liberty, but! What a Great summer for SDC! Our international tours with Ana Desetnica and The Lent Festival in Slovenia, with Salvia  and The British Council in Estonia, plus tours to The USA and Austria's Kulturwerkstaat were great!

We were selected for SHOWTIME - The London 2012 Festival which covered both the Olympics and Paralympics. We were also lucky to work with TOGETHER! Fest in Newham so we were very much in the picture we wanted to be part of .

This meant we covered every-corner of London. Just Our Style! We were even on the same ticket as David Roche in Newham for TOGETHER! and our young performers were able to watch his show.

What a man! What an artist!

Yesterday, SHAPE and The Bristish Council asked us to contribute to their symposium IS IT FOR EVERYONE? at the South Bank. This was an engaging symposium chaired by Tony Heaton with conversations, with Julie McNamara and Deborah Williams.

It was good to meet up with our long lost D.A colleagues which circumstance has kept us from, and also meet the fabulous international guests, hang out with Heart and Soul, have a beer a relax, and a little dance!

Thank you SHAPE and BC for allowing us to take part.

This summer- we settled on our name - Signdance Collective International. Not bad ,only took us 11 years!

The current company  is phenomenal in every-respect. Talent, consideration, innovation, respect, curiosity. At SALVIA, Ana Desetnica, Ana D @ Lent and London 2012 Festival we drew hundreds, sometimes  thousands!

Alex Ward, Laura Goulden, David Bower Pedro De Senna, Isolte Avila, Francesca Osimani, Jeremy Doulton are such a cool company for SDCI.

We want to thank our lovely director Goro Osojnik and our partners - Bucks Uni, The British Council, The Ethos International Festival Ankara, TOGETHER Fest, London 2012 Festival, DAO, Kulturr Werkstaat, Urban Warrior, Dojo USA, Arts Council England South East, Ana Desetnica Festival, The Deaf Comminity across Europe and Dead Days Beyond Help!

Next gig - Sept 29th 'The Art of Discrimination' Brighton 'Half A Penny'
Next project - 'The Meeting Room' featuring 4 surprise guest artists for Seven Oakes Galllery, inspired by our 2005 collaborative work - RELICS with Adam Reynolds and directed by David  Bower
Next Tour - Austria Oct 18-31st
Next Production - 'The Other Side of the Coin'  

For info on tours booking or just chatting! really! We haven't disappeared into the deep realms of SHOWTIME!!

Write to us at

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