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Melissa Mostyn is a writer, blogger, arts practitioner and mum-of-two. 'My grand passion is freedom of creative expression and it is this that drives my diverse love of the arts and media, taking in visual art, theatre, film, journalism, books and TV.' She often explores themes of communication, disability/deafness and human relationships in her work.

Scriptwriting with Deafinitely Theatre, Act I Scene I: Truth

28 December 2013


blue image of a series of people on

I'm eight. I'm dreaming. I'm floating - I think I'm on top of the world. I change position, as if there is infinite space and nothingness around me, then I feel my head hitting a partition of some sort. It takes me by surprise, so much so that I stick out an arm to push it out of the way. I want there to still be nothingness.  Before I know it, I'm falling; I'm not dreaming that I am falling. The cool night air whooshing past my face tells me that I've woken...

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'A doubly emotionally-charged performance': Melissa Mostyn's review of TWO

18 December 2013


To be two-faced is human nature. To laugh, to cry; to show a public face, and hide a private side; to have in all our lives aspects of comedy and tragedy to varying degrees.  I suspect that this is the key to Jim Cartwright's formulation of his play, TWO, as a two-hander. There are 14 characters in total - a pub landlord and landlady with a tragic secret, about to close their pub after many years of trade; a young boy looking for his dad; a mistress confronting her married lover; an...

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