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Melissa Mostyn is a writer, blogger, arts practitioner and mum-of-two. 'My grand passion is freedom of creative expression and it is this that drives my diverse love of the arts and media, taking in visual art, theatre, film, journalism, books and TV.' She often explores themes of communication, disability/deafness and human relationships in her work.

Melissa Mostyn-Thomas gets selected for Zoom 2011

28 October 2010


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ONE DAY TO DEADLINE.  I'm all ready to go with my pitch pack for Zoom 2011 and the online showreel promised by a friend still hasn't materialised. I decide to put the Vimeo channel link on the application anyway (it does have other examples of work Neath Films can look at) and post it by next day special delivery.  Two weeks later, I'm shortlisted for interview. I shout 'Hooray!' and then groan, as I realise the interview date clashes with the first day of a family holiday in Crete....

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