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A fiery painting of naked women inspired by Ancient Greek priestesses known as Maenads

'The Maenads' - oil on canvas, 1999 © Maureen Oliver

Maureen Oliver's paintings echo another dimension of reality. The narratives within her artwork engage the viewer with a need to find out more about the human drama described in her images.

Spirituality-based themes are often found in Oliver's work, where mythological and Catholic imagery is blended together. Her works expertly reflect a lifetime of art from the instinctive pursuing of it as a child, to a training professionally in history and theory.

Maureen Oliver is a native Londoner who resides and exhibits her work throughout the country.

From 14-16 May 2010 the paintings in this gallery will be on show at the The Battersea Contemporary Art Fair at Battersea Arts Centre, Lavender Hill, London SW11.

Her painting Vincent in the Yellow House won Rethink's Bill Pringle Award for Art and Poetry 2009.