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I’m an artist-activist working in performance, film, sound and text, and founder of Roaring Girl Productions ( Drawn to the power of creative work to trigger change, projects range from confrontational and provocative to much gentler inquiry. My blogging will be on current projects and the questions they raise in the doing.

Having the Last Word

12 February 2014


Please join us for a mass tweet from In Actual Fact on Monday 17th February 8.30-10.00pm when Channel 4 broadcasts Benefits Street: The Last Word, followed by ‘Benefits Britain: The Debate’. Head to In Actual Fact for carefully sourced, instantly tweetable anti-austerity facts and select from the full menu of facts to tweet. In the past few weeks, the battle for TV ratings in the poverty porn genre has heated up. In Actual Fact has been mass tweeting throughout, answering back...

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