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I’m an artist-activist working in performance, film, sound and text, and founder of Roaring Girl Productions ( Drawn to the power of creative work to trigger change, projects range from confrontational and provocative to much gentler inquiry. My blogging will be on current projects and the questions they raise in the doing.

The highs and the lows and the highs

26 July 2013


Hurray, today's the day for the launch of the seriously brilliant, new-look Roaring Girl Productions website, created by the ever-talented CoQuo: In the process of designing the new site, we sifted through all the existing materials and I realised I've done more than I'd ever known over the past 13 years of RGP. There's some great material on there and it feels kind of good! This new site makes it much easier to find archived material and also introduces...

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Bedding Out in Edinburgh

17 July 2013


My bed will shortly be wending its way to Edinburgh, where I’m hoping to bludge a comfy mattress for a 30-hour version of my Bedding Out performance at the Fringe. Where Salisbury and the livestream became a connecting of disabled people and building of strategy, Edinburgh is set to be a different beast. This time we’ll be soaking in the upbeat feel of the festival to reach people new to the debate. Rick and Jane of WOW Petition will be joining me at the bedside, to spread the word...

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"Strivers not Shirkers": echoes through the century

4 July 2013


I’ve been at the Bristol Records Office recently, trawling through the archives of The Guild of the Brave Poor Things. One of a network of membership groups for disabled people, the Bristol Guild was founded in 1896 and became the first to have its own purpose built headquarters. Bringing together disabled people in a social space, the Guild lay on entertainment, companionship, training, sales of works and apprenticeships. Membership was pretty exacting: you needed the right impairment...

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