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Joe Mc is learning to draw ... / 4 October 2010

Adrienne sleeping
(2009 digitised pencil drawing)

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For some time now, the NHS has been rolling out the Personalised Mental Health Care Programme. Since hearing about it a few months ago, I haven't been given a clear idea of what it's about. But I do know that it enables Mental Health System Users to access funding for education and training opportunities if a professional agrees that there is benefit for your mental health.

So far, I'm really happy with this as I've been able to enrol on a one-day-a-week course with the Prince's Drawing School. I'm really enjoying the course and would strongly urge any disabled artists currently using the mental health system to look into the possibilities of this programme. Don't be put off by the vagueness you may come across from professionals. It's quite a new programme, so insist that they find out about it if they don't seem quite sure.

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Another brilliant service I have been using since leaving the Recovery Centre earlier this year is Employment Support at St James House in Camden. This programme gives you good professional support in finding sustainable employment opportunities if, like me, you've been closed for repair for a while. Well worth checking out, if you live in Camden, and also having a look for local programmes if you don't.

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