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Hugh writes about a trip to the Royal Pavilion, the swimming baths and the theatre

Image - Royal_Pavilion.jpg

Today I am off on a Spiral outing to the Royal Pavilion which has been organised by Chris Page. First I go to the hotel that's near the library and have my breakfast. Kim comes to ind me to take me over to the Royal Pavilion. We go for a ride in the Spiral's minibus to pick people up to come on the outing.

I enjoyed myself at the Royal Pavilion today with Spiral. My favourite room was the kitchen. We had lunch outside in the Royal Pavilion Gardens and listened to a busker playing some music on his guitar. Inside the Pavilion gift shop I bought myself a DVD for £20.

Then I went swimming in the Prince Regent Swimming Pool where I saw Charlotte and Jane in the reception. I told them that I went on a Spiral outing to the Royal Pavilion.

After we got out of the water I had a shower, got ready and got myself a Costa coffee from the coffee machine. Then we went to Pizza Express to have pizza and garlic bread with salad.

After my swim I chilled out and watch dmy DVD about the Royal Pavilion at home. Then I watched the Weakest LInk with Anne Robinson. I got one answer right about a film called Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts.

Later I went to the Brighton Centre to see Holiday on Ice with my friend Hala. We met outside St Paul's Church. We paid £20 for two tickets and went upstairs to Floor 3 in the lift. Then Hala and I went back home from the Brighton Centre by going back down in the lift to the exit.

Posted by Colin Hambrook, 25 February 2013

Last modified by Colin Hambrook, 22 March 2013

James writes about BBC1's Penguins: Spy in the Huddle documentary

Image - penguins.jpg

I saw Penguins yesterday afternoon on the TV on bbc1 they are white with a black beak. They had babies underneath them.

One of the penguins had a camera. It was a model of a penguin with a camera inside. They are walking hundreds of them.

They are walking this way looking for fish. They have little ones. The adult penguins keep them warm.

The penguins are on tonight. On BBC1 at 9pm.

Posted by Colin Hambrook, 25 February 2013

Last modified by Colin Hambrook, 19 March 2013