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> > > Review: The Festival of the World Museum at the Southbank Centre
Loosely painted portrait of Nabil Shaban who set up Graeae Theatre Company

Tanya Raabe's painting of Nabil Shaban with his objects, a book and a poster of D.A.R.E a performance piece. Photo © Tanya Raabe


At the same time as London's Southbank Centre prepares to showcase the 29 Unlimited commissions by disabled and deaf artists, located at Spirit Level on Level 1 of Royal Festival Hall is the Festival of the World Museum, which displays a few prominent moments from the history of Disability Arts.

Designed by Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway and the Hemingway Design team, the Museum introduces the ideas about art for social change, which underpin the Festival of the World.

Scattered througout this exhibition are projects with an emphasis on Disability Arts. Candoco Dance Company are there, along with the Rocket Artists and a series of artworks, posters and films featuring key moments from the history of Disability Arts supplied courtesy of Shape and Mik Scarlet.

DAO has accumulated a variety of responses from John O'Donoghue, Richard Downes, Deboarh Caulfield and Colin Hambrook