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> > > FACT in Liverpool support exciting upcoming project Madlove by artist James Leadbitter

FACT has been successful in an application for £29,870 of funding from the Wellcome Trust. The money will allow FACT to realise an exciting participatory installation called Madlove by artist James Leadbitter as part of next spring’s Group Therapy exhibition.

photo of young man with long hair raising his arms at the top of an escalator. He is wearing a strait jacket beneath a suit and on the wall behind him is a sign saying 'therapy'

Produced in collaboration with the University of Liverpool’s Institute of Psychology, Health and Society, the installation is also being supported by the British Psychological Society.

Madlove will invite the public to help imagine a designer asylum, and asks the question: If you could design your own psychiatric hospital what would it be like?

James Leadbitter aka The Vacuum Cleaner, is a disabled artist who has experienced severe depression, chronic anxiety, panic attacks, and borderline personality disorder. James has been admitted to psychiatric wards many times during the past 14 years and believes that a new model is needed.

James is currently holding participatory workshops across the UK with both patients and professionals. The stories, ideas and knowledge collected will be used to develop a blueprint for the creation of a temporary asylum in Liverpool at FACT - a pilot for a future larger scale intervention.

During the exhibition, FACT will activate the space with talks and workshops led by patients, neurologists, nurses, psychologists, doctors, and thinkers from across the fields of psychology, health and society, addressing issues raised by the commission.

Madlove will be part of FACT’s spring 2015 Group Therapy exhibition. The exhibition will explore mental health through works by contemporary artists, with an accompanying programme engaging with a range of people affected by mental health issues.

The Wellcome Trust are a global charitable foundation dedicated to the improvement of health, supporting public engagement, education and the application of research to improve health.

Group Therapy will run from March until May 2015 at FACT.

Help build a 'Designer Asylum' for Liverpool: Madlove Workshop: Tuesday 13th January and Madlove Talk and Social event Wednesday 14th January 2015