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Apologies... / 20 February 2015

Dear readers, firstly I’d like to apologise to all those individuals who have been communicating with me over the past few months, who I have promised interviews, reviews, listings etc. but have been frustrated by my lack of communication. 

It has been a stressful time as my father is fast approaching his dying. I am currently overwhelmed by attending to his needs with the rest of my family. Indeed for all of us who are close to him the acceleration of his passing has been sudden and we are all in a state of shock. 

We’ve been living with the slow onset of his cancer for a couple of years now and had expected him to have had another few months at least. But it is not to be. He is 90, so he has had a good shot at life and is amazingly calm and comfortable and suffering only a modicum of pain, without the use of morphine, remarkably.

I intend to look in on Dao over the next few weeks and do what I can to keep everything ticking over with the weekly newsletter and proofing and responding to blogs, dealing with listings and email enquiries etc.

In the mean-time if you have any urgent queries about copy you are expecting or would like to see published on Dao, please email Dao Director Trish Wheatley via trish@Disabilityartsonline.org.uk

For those who may be interested you can expect some responses on my own Knitting Time blog in the next few days.


Jane mccormick

20 February 2015

Very sorry to hear about your dad Colin. Whatever the age of the parent it's hard to let them go. Don't forget to look after yourself as you negotiate your way through this difficult terrain. Thanks again for the lovely poem.


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