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Colin Hambrook is on his way down the mental health road

Another day, another poem, dragging through the ether. There are lots of twists and turns down the mental health road; no easy solutions, just lots of conundrums and silence scattered with unhealthy, stigmatising epithets of goodwill and brave wishes.

Love and Possession
Me and my shadow
kick an old leather football
back and forth across
a blackbird infested
patch of grass
inside the compound.

A wire mesh looms above us;
the taunts of twittering suburbia
are held by the rhythm of each thud;
the same old line tossing the
old argument back and forth.

Do love and need ever exist
without contradiction?

I make it through the reality check
and land on a bench dedicated to
Shirley 1943 – 2009;
a bunch of dead dream flowers
lie gaffa-taped above a memorial:
“I am the gentle sea breeze”
love and possession held fast
by stark yellow-black lines,
long after the last sod
has had its final say.
© Colin Hambrook

Posted by Colin Hambrook, 2 August 2010

Last modified by Colin Hambrook, 11 November 2010