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11 January 2013

Joe McConnell

Thanks for this interesting article and also the link to the piece in the Independent. A couple of years ago, I wrote here on DAO about a relatively positive experience at a MH Recovery Centre in Camden. I have had further contact with that system and feel that it has changed utterly. The way the cuts have been managed by top management (despite great resistance at lower levels of management and personnel) has made the recovery programmes incoherent and far less effective. There's all this claptrap about 'choices', 'personalisation' etc. In the end, it looks like there's been a massive capitulation to the shysters that run this country and the top brass of Camden and Islington Trust are pretending that 'it's not all that bad'. I spent a couple of weeks in Highgate Mental Health Hospital in June of 2012, and found the whole approach to care and recovery nothing short of lamentable.

10 January 2013


According to Jeremy Lawrence in the Independent little, if anything has changed in mental health 'care' over the last 10 years "

7 January 2013

Colm Dermot Lawlor

Drawing is all I can do

Letter 2 Oprah Winfrey Unanswered.


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