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The ghost of Ivan who sadly died at the tender age of 6 years, stares up at his father and asks: 'Why are you killing off my disabled brothers and sisters?'

The ghost of Ivan who sadly died at the tender age of 6 years, stares up at his father and asks: 'Why are you killing off my disabled brothers and sisters?'

On the eve of the closure of the Independent Living Fund, Disabled People fight back

It was great to see the news of the protests against the disbandment of the Independent Living Fund… I've always had a huge amount of respect and admiration for John Kelly and it was great to see him on the news singing 'Which Side Are You On My Boys'. Much warmth, respect and solidarity goes to all the protesters who stormed Parliament yesterday!

I think this cartoon by Dao cartoonist Crippen from 2012 says it all about how despicable the puppet figurehead of our overlords is.

This is no human being! This is a man who will use any emotional trick in the book to draw sympathy from an unthinking, drugged by TV, drugged by Gaming, populace into colluding with his death-dealing campaign against disabled people. 

As the Black Triangle Campaign commented: “The use of one’s dead family members to push policies which amount to passive euthanasia must be unprecedented in British political history.”

Posted by Colin Hambrook, 25 June 2015

Last modified by Colin Hambrook, 25 June 2015


3 July 2015

Colin Hambrook

That's an awful situation to be in Faith. Hope you get a positive result soon.

2 July 2015


First I was made disabled with severe chronic pain by the NHS (medical negligence), then recently gave up my uni course due to disability discrimination (what the Citizens' Advice Bureau call it), and I'm still awaiting to be reinstated with my basic benefit so I can eat etc. (they cut off my income support since end of January this year due to me studying). My physical mobility is detoriating since I cannot afford the physio that helps so much. I wish this present government had never been voted in, their callousness in this day and age is shocking.

1 July 2015

John Haslitt

I'm afraid we are living with a government that wants us to regress ever further back to the law of the jungle. The Friedman monetarist policies of recent decades deny the value of 'people' over 'money'. We all become ciphers representing our economic wealth or lack of it, and are classed accordingly as being worthy or unworthy of life. Sadly, the days of believing in a moral high ground are no more.

30 June 2015


At times I feel the need to wield a big stick, just to make people sit up and take notice! So many people have died (many of them friends of mine) due to this government's indiscriminate attack on those services and funding which allow us to continue living in the community. This particular cartoon was created back in 2012 and was linked to an article in which Cameron spoke of his empathy for Disabled people due to the experiences gained with his disabled child. Another friend of mine had just died, having been declared fit for work three days before, and having had his benefits stopped. The feeling of anger towards Cameron, Duncan Smith and the other Tories who supported this cull of Disabled people still burns bright within me and I will continue to use every means at my disposal to raise awareness about these ongoing issues.

30 June 2015

Colin Hambrook

Isn't it the purpose of art; and especially of satirical cartoon, to reflect back - and get under the skin, too?

29 June 2015

Emmeline Burdett

I see where you're coming from, Colin and Peter, but I really do not agree. If you disapprove of Cameron using his son as a political football (which I agree that he does), I don't think that the argument that 'It's fine for Crippen to do exactly the same thing, because Cameron started it', holds much water, frankly.

27 June 2015


I deliberated for some time about this cartoon Emmeline, but have been so sickened by the persistent use of Ivan as a political cipher whose purpose is to convince us that what the Government are doing is the best thing FOR disabled people.

How many tens of thousands of people have died over the last five years whose voices have been silenced by the Media; how little opposition has been allowed to be noticed as a result of political policies intent on wiping us out.

27 June 2015

Peter Hall

I might agree with you Emmeline if Cameron hadn't been using Ivan as a political football for several years, now to prove he understands what it is like to be a disabled person.

27 June 2015

Emmeline Burdett

This cartoon is a disgrace too!! I take it Crippen has no knowledge of what Ivan Cameron actually thought, or whether he had any feelings of solidarity with other disabled people. Seeing as Ivan died when he was only six, he'd have been pretty young to have developed such feelings. And yet Crippen presumes to use a dead child to get his point across?!

26 June 2015

Peter Hall

When the Nazis brought in their justifications, labelling disabled people as 'Useless Eaters', I expect the same kind of tumbleweed floated across the minds of the mass majority back then. They had Leni Riefenstahl doing her arty party bit... of course the difference is that we no longer live in a world dominated by the State. It is the corporations who set the agenda as to who is worthy of life... and they are clearly not keen on disabled people.

My guess would be that somewhere, somehow Cameron is following a mandate handed to him that determines the party line... it isn't driven by financial concerns that's for sure (when we all end up in residential homes the cost to the taxpayer will exceed by several hundreds of percent the cost of the Independent Living Fund)... it is purely driven by a cold and calculated ideology set on devaluing people in order to reinstate the power of the ruling classes.

Nabil Shaban said it all in his play 'The First To Go'.

25 June 2015

Joan H

Can't believe what's happening in this country. This Government are a disgrace.

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