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Dolly Sen woos with some lurv poetry / 14 February 2010

To celebrate Valentine's Day, I am putting some of my love/erotic poetry up on here. You can tell I am in love with someone at the moment, otherwise I would dismiss valentines day as a cheap marketing ploy and be nailing chocolate hearts onto clouds, waiting for birds to piss on them!

Come inside

I may not let you in
or maybe slowly
or maybe you will keep me at the door
teasing by waiting
not quite all the way in
not quite touching the side of my walls
I want to pull you in deeper
I want to drag you to my shore
drowning times two
to drown with me I will pull you in deeper
I will make you walk on water
you were made for my hands
you fall perfectly into my touch
water, sand sun one
you were made for my wombs
my womb
is my padded cell
I am
waiting for you to enter.


Head resting on your belly
Between breast and pussy
I don’t know where I want to put my mouth
Inch it higher slowly
Or much, much lower to get lost in you Choices
Is a journey of tastes
I would rather swallow you whole, leave my skin to share yours
I have to make do with kisses that draw your soul to your skin
And then leave me again
Breath, a deep, deep breath, the mouth rises along the body
Moving slowly, barely touching, taking you through the nose,
The mouth, the tongue, the skin.
I write on your skin, the word bliss with my tongue, no full stops, the sentence trails off...
A mouth that climbs a mountain, meets the sun and a thousand falling stars
Just to go down again

Lost and Found

It was the meeting of two minds
of 2 people that were lost
who discovered they were not
lost at all. It was the world around them
that had gone astray
The World used maps like ‘work’, ‘judge’
‘hate’ and ‘blame’ These two did not like to be in those places
there was no escape except to use our
own maps of ‘love’ ‘passion’ ‘art’ and ‘poetry’
But we were told:
‘There is no place for you here. Tear up
your heart-shaped maps or we will tear
them up for you.’ So we ran away from them
followed our hearts

Dozzy Angel 
Eccentric Fish

Keywords: mental health,poetry