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WINTER BLUES / 1 December 2008

Hey guys, sorry for the delay in blogging, but lots of things have been happening that has made it difficult to write. The final week of uni were full of assessments, I had a bout of flu, and some winter blues all thrown into the mix.

One of the uni assessments I had to do was a lot of fun though. For my sound arts presentation, I played my guitar with my tiger-print vibrator. I was so into playing, I didn't see the stunned open mouth of my tutor. I hope he gives me an A.

I thought I was being the model of restraint. I could have so easily have also taken my top off and stage dived into the huddle of students waiting to do their presentations.

I am quite sad Woolworths is closing for good. In fact, it is heartbreaking. I gave my local one a goodbye hug and even forgave it for the times I got lost and tearful because couldn't find my mum at aged 3, and er, 33. I did some xmas shopping there, it was really heartening to see staff members get their revenge on rude customers by answering them back. When some of those rude customers threatened to get them sacked, you'd worry about certain staff's intake of oxygen they were laughing so much. God bless you woolworths, from an athiest pick and mixer.

Rambuie, great to hear from you. I think the Open Up website will at some point be able to accept videos. I am working on the I DO MIND website at the moment and how to upload videos, I will make sense of it eventually, but at the moment it is making me cross-eyed. Is your film anywhere on the net, like Youtube or Vimeo. I would love to see it.

take care Dollyx