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So Mr Fry, where is the trigger warning for you being a twat? / 13 April 2016

So Mr Fry, where is the trigger warning for you being a twat?

I used to have respect for you. After your first BBC programme on bipolar, I noticed a sea change in that people were more open about talking about mental health. But from there things steadily deteriorated.

You became a self-appointed spokesperson regarding mental health, despite not experiencing poverty, bad or no housing, benefit cuts, psychiatric abuse or trauma, which more recent studies show contribute to mental ill health and keep people there.

You do not speak for those people and the fact you don’t talk or tackle those things in your mental health work, means in some ways you are doing more harm than good. Not all of us have had the privileged life you have had.

I have been raped as a small child, strangled, shot at, discriminated against because of my colour, sexuality and disability, and I have a serious mental health condition, and I haven’t whinged as much as you, because that’s what you are doing now, isn’t it? You like to think mental ill health is to do with a broken brain, but I think it's more to do with a broken heart. Why break people's hearts further, Mr Fry?

To those people who have had their hearts broken by things in their lives, such as child sexual abuse, I respect your strength in having survived those experiences, being in a society that doesn’t give a shit, and having to deal with idiots like Stephen Fry. You are my heroes, not a privileged twat who likes publicly expressing the ugliest emotion in humanity.