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Dolly Sen is going to give the internet a breakdown / 1 August 2013

Jesus' Internet History by Dolly Sen

Jesus' Internet History by Dolly Sen

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I have just come out of the Impact Arts Fair with a nice number of sales and a feeling of inspired invigoration. Now onto my next project, which is part of Short Circuit, a place where digital acumen and disability artistry collides, and will be platformed at the Brighton Digital Festival in September. I have been commissioned to give the internet a psychotic breakdown. I aim to create a website, with the help of Peter at Surface Impression and with sound provided by Jon Adams, that will go through several different states: such as ‘normal’,  stressed and asking too many awkward questions; feeling isolated and paranoid; then the creeping up of psychosis; full-fledged psychosis; restrained and forcibly medicated; sectioned; rebellion; recovery; acceptance of difference; and peace of mind. It will be the psychotic stage that will be shown in Brighton as  a prototype.

Although it will be as though the internet is experiencing psychosis, I am using my own experience to draw ideas from, including using the time I though I was Jesus. I am not knocking religion in this project but it is reflecting the psychotic experience of thinking you are someone else. Remembering that time is both painful and funny. For example, I did try to turn a bowlful of macroni cheese to feed the five thousand, and used a vacuum cleaner attachment as a biblical staff. I can't use that for this project, but I can create a webpage that thinks it is Jesus. I had my first meeting with Peter this week and something made the cutting room floor because of time and financial constraints, which is what would Jesus' Internet browser history would be. I am disappointed that it won't be in it, but here it is to consider.