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Step into the irreverent world of disabled cartoonist Crippen aka Dave Lupton, who has been in the vanguard of disability arts movement for more years than he cares to mention. His work has appeared in mainstream press, on TV and film and is now probably the best Disabled cartoonist in the world!

Crippen looks at what charities are really doing for us

26 October 2009


Crippen cartoon about rights not charity shows four people, two of them in wheelchairs, talking. The two not in wheelchairs are Charity representatives

Contrary to public understanding, we Crips spend more time overcoming the negative effects we get from the various charities that claim to represent us, than we do benefiting from the services that they are supposed to provide. “But where would you be without them?” I hear some of you ask. Well, for a start we wouldn’t be seen as a pathetic, needy, homogeneous group of people, to be treated with either pity or contempt. We wouldn’t be made to jump through the many hoops...

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Crippen asks ‘what is happening to the Disability Arts Movement?’

17 October 2009


Crippen looks at the changes in Disability Art

Has anyone else noticed that we’re in danger of slipping back to where we all started from?! I’ve always seen the Disability Arts Movement as being in the vanguard of the Disabled People’s Movement. As Disabled artists we’ve focused upon our oppression and expressed this through our art. Together we’ve used the Social Model to identify and then confront the many barriers within society that conspire to disable us; the key word being ‘together’. However,...

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Crippen looks at the 'cash for drugs' treatment plan

11 October 2009


Crippen's cartoon about cash for drugs in mental health treatment

A team of doctors at Queen Mary, University of London, hopes to encourage "difficult" patients to comply with treatment by paying them for every jab of anti-psychotic drugs that they have. ‘Experts’ believe a third of patients given the label of bipolar or schizophrenia fail to comply with their prescribed medication regime causing relapses and a higher cost to the NHS. They claim that missing as few as one to 10 days of oral anti-psychotic therapy nearly doubles the risk...

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Crippen looks at a new line in snacks for Disabled people

8 October 2009


A packet of 'crips' crisps

Ha ha ... we've even got our own line in snack foods now! The last time I was in the DAO office, Jon Pratty, our Manager, asked me if I'd seen the latest in snack foods for Disabled people? As he had a twinkle in his eye, I gathered that some sort of joke was forthcoming so replied: "OK, I'll buy it. What have you got for me?". And here you have it ... our very own line in crisps! Apparently they're available in the motorway service stations if ever you're feeling peckish. What next I wonder,...

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Crippen asks ‘where are the young Disabled people?’

1 October 2009


Crippen's cartoon about younger disabled people

Being of the generation that can say ‘I saw Hendrix play at the Isle of Wight Pop Festival’ (what do you mean, who?!) means that I’ve also seen a lot of water go under the disability bridge. I wasn’t part of the original move by the Fiscally Impaired Against Segregation (FIAS) in 1970, when they identified disability as the exclusion of people with physical impairments from the mainstream of society. Nor was I involved with the birth of the Social Model during the same...

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