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It's a feeding frenzy! / 18 October 2012

Crippen's cartoon about a feeding frenzy

Crippen watches Cameron feeding the vultures

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It's like a feeding frenzy out there.

All the funding that was originally allocated to us Crips to enable us to live and work out in the community seems to be slowly but surely eaten away by the vultures of private enterprise.

You'll know about the biggest vulture, I take it? The French company ATOS who've had the contract to get as many disabled people off Benefit as they can. As an added incentive, the ConDems also gave ATOS a bonus for every Benefit payment that they stop.

And of course, ATOS are failing thousands of disabled people every day, whether they fit the work capability criteria or not, and claiming their bonus for a job well done. Regardless of the fact that most disabled people actually had their benefits reinstated after appealing, ATOS still get to keep their bonus!

Of course we know that many other profit motivated, private companies have also got their fingers in other pies and receive vast payments for doing what a lot of disabled people led organisations used to do for a hell of a lot less and more efficiently.

It doesn't end there ... ATOS is now sub contracting out some of its work to other vultures like SALUS (part of NHS Lanarkshire), who have been carrying out PIP consultations on their behalf. So ATOS doesn't even have to work for all it's money - it just creams off the profits whilst sub-contractors do the work - all jostling to make large profits from their involvement. Profits which surely come out of funding originally allocated for disabled people!

I haven't actually worked it out, but wouldn't it be cheaper for the government to give every disabled person a respectable payment each month without them having to jump through all these hoops, rather than pay billions to these vultures whose only motive seems to be making a profit for their shareholders?

Or perhaps I'm missing something here?!

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19 October 2012

Gotcha Linda ... stiffing my upper lip as we speak!

Linda Burnip

18 October 2012

I think you're missing the point that really lots of us just think we're disabled and now we've being assessed using the biopyschosocial model we're just no longer disabled. After all it's all in the mind you know Dave.We must remember the miracle cures which UNUM developed so they didn't have to pay out on their rip-off insurance policies.We just need to get a grip and all will be fine.