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Sonic Vistas: Kris Halpin talks about his MiMu gloves - new technology developed by Ivor Novello award winning artist Imogen Heap

13 July 2015

Blog Ivan Riches

We have now done our third session as Sonic Vistas and the development of our set is well on its way for the Liberty Festival London 2015.  In this blog I am introducing you to Kris Halpin: “So today I embarked on an intriguing new adventure. I’ve joined Ivan Riches’ Sonic Vistas project, a collaborative collective of disabled musicians. I’ve played with plenty of bands in the past, but this is two firsts. I’ve never worked with other musicians with...

Creative processes

21 March 2015

Blog Alan Hopwood

Sea scape construct

As I mentioned in the last blog, I have a condition that effects my joints and muscles causing varied amounts of pain and fatigue. This meant that each day was unpredictable and limited what I was able to do. I knew that I needed to try to remain mobile, so walking was vital; this is where the interest in photography developed, it made a slow walk much more interesting if I was looking and taking photos. It also had the effect of making me appreciate the changing world from day to day and as...

There aint ‘alf been some awkward bastards

16 March 2015

Blog Colin Hambrook

the word 'anarkissed' written in a scrawling, heavy black and white hand across a white gallery wall

Having entered a decade akin to the Victorian age with an increasing rise in importance placed on benevolence and charity we have to ask ourselves is there a place, now, for Art Movements that seek to address social justice and inequity within society? Or do we rather want to throw in the towel; see it all as worthy nonsense and let the White Men in their ivory towers carry on business as usual putting the mundane and populist at the top of the charts. Has Disability Arts or Black Arts or...

To define or not to define: the dirty 'disability' word

27 October 2014

Blog Colin Hambrook

photo of three images of the artist throwing an artificial leg at a pyramid of collecting cans

A stimulating discussion unfolded on Dao’s FB group last week in response to the Shape Open Exhibition, which was launched at Shape’s Gallery in Westfield Shopping Centre, Stratford last week. The call-out for Shape’s annual Open Exhibition was for the third year opened out to disabled and to non-disabled artists specifically asking for work on the theme of [in]visible. The question posed was whether Shape should be supporting work by artists who didn’t necessarily see...

Turning and overturning

26 October 2014

Blog Allan Sutherland

digital image of a open book pictured against a background of a pile of books

The late Dennis Potter once put forward the idea that each writer has their own field to plough. The nature of that field is determined by who we are - what lives we have lived, what we feel strongly about, what resonates for us. The process of writing is about continuing to find new ways turn that soil over and produce work that is fresh and exciting. For me that territory has long been about disability.  I have wanted to speak out about my own experiences of epilepsy.  I also...