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My name's Bonk and I love to write, when my brain hurts and gets too tight! I am bi-polar please don't be scared… don't run… just listen, as I get prepared. Open your eyes… I hope you enjoy my thoughts. And so I'll begin with a poem or some daily reports.


23 February 2013


Bonk and Cameron in a bath

Dear David Cameroon, I'm sorry to hear that you went mad and lost your job ... got detained and we now share a room. It's funny when you end up becoming disabled, it wasn't exactly what you'd planned for, this being unstable, was it? So now you're here with all us crips, swallowing all from your tablet strips. Waiting for family to visit again, knowing that you're in here means that you are insane. My name's Bonk, welcome to my second home. It's not great and...

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