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Shaping A Diverse Future / 16 July 2015

portrait photo of Mhairi Black

Mhairi Black. Image licensed under CC by 3.0

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Hey everyone, howdedo?

I'm pooped from another Immersed in 360 exhibition (running at Plymouth Uni until Friday) but cheered to have found a new poitical in-up in the barnstorming form of Mhairi "halt the rollout of PIP in Scotland" Black who's maiden speech this week made me want to stand on my chair and cheer. Love her. 

Bleak times are upon us, but Black's vigorous performance and absundance of common sense and compassion are giving me hope for a new generation of politicians who may dare to give a fuck. Even just 10% more fucks given, in line with recent payrises, would be smashing.

All thoughts are on the future here at Dao; given our joyous success in funding Viewfinder annonced this week, and with our trip as speakers and Catalyst partners to 'Shaping a Diverse Future' last week at The Point, Eastleigh, what else can we do but try to visualise the best possible arts scene the UK can have? Well, bloody loads of work, obviously, and that's coming thick and fast!

'Shaping a Diverse Future' was a day of performances, provocations and debates around the funding of new work, the language of diversity, and the future, with panelists and delegates representing Unlimited, British Council, Arts Council England, Stopgap Dance and multiple smaller UK arts organisations and companies. 

Much of the conversation was dance-focussed, something I have minimal interest in, but the broader conversations about the sector were on-the-whole very positive and productive. I'm more interested in what actions will come out of the day than the specific debates; I'll keep you posted.

As for my contribution to the day, I prepared a short presentation on crowdfunding, specifically how organisations can use this amateur fundraising tool to their benefit. 

I was pretty nervous, starting off speaking too fast for the BSL interpreters to keep up, but I'm told people both laughed at my jokes AND took notes so I'm pretty happy. I'm digging this new career shit, and feel like presenting as part of a fancyschmancy line-up is a good step towards my goal of being a fully fledges High Powered Arts Bitch.

Please click on this link to read the full presentation, should anyone find it handy.

We've got just a few days left on our crowdfunding campaign for Rowan James, so chuck us a couple of quid and help out a cool young artist on the rise.


Alice x

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