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Adam Reynolds at work

Adam Reynolds at work

Adam Reynolds died just two days before he was due to take part in a performance arts piece with the Signdance Collective. Sisyphus was scheduled to happen on the Bankside near the Tate Modern gallery. Adam's part in the performance was to lift bricks from among the detritus on the bank of the Thames.

David Bower from Signdance Collective wrote the following poem as a tribute to Adam and a performance which never happened.

Ulysses Gaze

Surveying the task, the element, sun, wind, clouds.

Search for the sublime

Search for the beautiful

Search for the decay

Energy of a sublime sea, beats in the heart of the city.

Contextualizing the sculpture, the happening.

The scale; our small stage in a vast metropolis

Energy of flesh

Energy of muscle

Energy of bone

Veins, skin tone, physical action.

Progression of time marked out, not only in seconds , but in breathes.

Clouds, tides, the growing sculpture.

Steps, drips, a portrait of each brick.

Each one a World

Each architectural definition.

Analogies to the ever-receding cityscape

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