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Aaron Williamson is the recipient of the Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary for 2010. He begins a residency at Spike Island, Bristol on 3 February 2010. His blog will cover his work-in-progress over the next 12 weeks. Aaron has been making performances internationally for more than 15 years.

Marie-Anne McQuay, Curator has a few words to say about Aaron Williamson's escape from Spike Island

20 May 2010


shepherd struck by meteors drawing

As this is Aaron Williamson’s last missive from his residency on the Island of Spike, I am stepping out of his third person narrative and addressing you, the blog reader, directly. I can now confirm that everything he has relayed thus far – even his outlandish claim to have forged a bowl from meteorite – is true. Although his proposal to remodel Spike Island as a feminist Utopia has yet to come to pass. That, I hope, is just a matter of time. Whilst both The Affligare Unit and...

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Shape Director Tony Heaton reflects, as the dust settles on this, the third Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary.

19 May 2010


Photo of a hand holding a lump of rock from a meteorite

For Shape, setting up and negotiating this annual event is a challenging but hugely rewarding activity. The call for Artist submissions, pulling together the decision-making panel, the increasingly harder job of selecting the winner from a growing number of applications; the negotiating with venues and also raising all the funds to make it happen. Of course when it all comes together it is a great relief and a fantastic pleasure. The thing you can never control or predict is the nature of the...

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Aaron Williamson signs off with the Feral 4

19 May 2010


black and white photo of 4 performers posing as the Beatles

This is the final posting for this blog. My time at Spike Island on the Adam Reynolds bursary has been immensely rewarding and productive. Far more than I’d anticipated. The sculpture work particularly took me a long way out of my comfort zone as an artist and challenged me to think about new ways of working. It particularly got me thinking about how to frame work in a way that’s innovative rather than presumptive. I’ve had to consider how art situates itself and takes place...

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