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Aaron Williamson is the recipient of the Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary for 2010. He begins a residency at Spike Island, Bristol on 3 February 2010. His blog will cover his work-in-progress over the next 12 weeks. Aaron has been making performances internationally for more than 15 years.

The Disabled Avant-Garde record some ‘institutional classics’ - check them out now on their website!

24 March 2010


two performance artists on stage in strange gothic style makeup and clothes

From Iron Aaron to Iron Man I have described some of the Disabled Avant-Garde’s recent japes and dodges in making our new film in previous blog posts. In the meantime, before ‘No Room at the Igloo’ is completed, Katherine and Oriana Fox have edited and posted all ten of the songs we performed at the Bluecoat in Liverpool last November as ‘The Top Ten Institutional Classics’. One of these must have been a premonition of my current endeavours as it consists in the...

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Iron Aaron continues with the task of smelting down a 2kg lump of meteorite into a bowl

19 March 2010


shows a metal bowl with interlocking 'A' symbols in the centre

Last week I was back in London on the Monday when I received a series of dramatic texts from Spike Island’s Marie-Anne McQuay and David Martin. Mike at the Foundry had called to say that the porringer would have to be cast as soon as possible since he expected that the incredible amount of heat required to smelt the very dense iron (denser and heavier than any earth metal) would be ready in the crucible in an hour’s time but probably not again. And so the erstwhile Spike Island...

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Aaron Wiliamson goes in pursuit of the Affligare

6 March 2010


shows a crucible full of molten metal in the middle of a foundry

After posting the last blog I went to visit the Bristol Foundry to talk with Mike Brett about smelting and recasting my 2kg meteorite into a bowl purportedly used for begging by a tribe of medieval crips (‘The Affligare’ – see previous post). It sounded even to me like a bizarre proposition and Mike wasn’t at all sure that the whole meteorite iron might not just evaporate back into the ether it came out of, since he’d never worked with – or even seen –...

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