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Aaron Williamson is the recipient of the Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary for 2010. He begins a residency at Spike Island, Bristol on 3 February 2010. His blog will cover his work-in-progress over the next 12 weeks. Aaron has been making performances internationally for more than 15 years.

Aaron Williamson suggests the establishment of an independent art state on Spike Island, Bristol

25 February 2010


photo of building

This is my 4th week as the Adam Reynolds Bursarist at Spike Island and whereas the actual business of making things has still to be attended to, I think the work is coming into focus. More on this later, but first a description of / homage to Spike Island. It actually is an island being a thin strip of land about a mile long with bridges at either end taking you over to ‘the mainland’ and it is also – roughly - in the shape of a harpoon spike. Once over the small footbridge...

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Disabled Avant-Garde at Royal Festival Hall

18 February 2010


black and white photo of two performance artists

On Monday I was back at the Royal Festival Hall with Katherine Araniello working undercover as the Disabled Avant-Garde to make more footage for our upcoming film ‘No Room at the Igloo’ – soon to be released on YouTube. We were accompanied by our small crew of volunteers – Abby and Eliza, (erstwhile Fine Art students and brilliant non-actors from Byam Shaw); and Oriana and Marja who did shifts on the DAG camera – a wee pink thing that conveniently looks like you...

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Week 2: Aaron Williamson blogs his residency at Spike Island, Bristol

10 February 2010


hand holding a lump of black rock

The mystery material According to the editor of DAO this blog has a decent sized readership stretching into double figures now and my previous promise to reveal the ‘mystery material’ that I’ll be fashioning sculptures from has not been forgotten. If I’d only ran a guessing competition then any manner of prize might have safely been proffered without danger of it being claimed... A few weeks ago I bought a job lot of rusted meteorite iron from a dealer in Alaska who gets...

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