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> > > Siege Mentality – Kate Lovell talks about Bread & Goose’s latest production


28 January 2016

Gilly Holdsworth

I have seen a couple of Bread & Goose productions and ironically I will never forget the Neuron Forest, which was about a woman suffering from Alzheimer's disease; a difficult subject handled in an informative, sensitive but also entertaining way with audience participation. Excellent and inclusive.

26 January 2016

Dom Key

Excellent piece, great points. Id love to see more disabled actors and actresses getting roles- it will make the experience of going to the theatre that bit more interesting, especially for ppl like me, who actually don't watch much theatre, but who want to see more! It would give a much more interesting 'randomness' to a production, for example if a character happens to be blind, but that's not a particularly key part of their role, they just happen to be blind. A major pro for more disabled actors on stage would also be the experience for the audience: Many ppl have never met a blind person or someone with certain disabilities, and if you watch a play with someone who is disabled, it is an experience that the audience member will likely treasure, as a personal experience, even if they don't have a 2-way conversation. Keep up the good work!!

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