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'Between There and Now' Catrin Andersson

Aidan Moesby: An ‘in’ with a stranger, at Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, Torfaen

Location: Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, St David's Road, Cwmbran, Torfaen - Click for map

16 January 2016 to 12 March 2016

Monday to Friday 9.30am - 5pm.
(Closed Bank Holiday Mondays)
Saturday 9.30am - 4pm


Curator Aidan Moesby begins a conversation exploring the notion of weather as a metaphor for the human condition.

Aidan has brought together an International selection of artists whose work resonates with his vision. Featuring Catrin Andersson; Joanne Mitchell; Zoe Preece and Tim Shaw. The exhibition is a Tu Fewn project and presented as part of Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre's “Maker to Curator” series.

Aidan Moesby is an artist curator based in Newcastle. His work explores the worlds we create and the roles we play within them. He is concerned with the relationships we have to the environments we inhabit and the space we occupy – the stories which unfold and the memories which are left there. With a psycho-social research based approach, his practice is underpinned by conversation – real, imagined or virtual – which maybe experienced personally as a participant or observed.

Language and metaphor is fundamental to the manner in which he sees the world, informing his approach to the site and/or context specific works he creates/curates. Moesby works increasingly at the intersection of Art, Technology and Well-being. 

Catrin Andersson is a researcher, a documenter and an excavator of the shifting Swedish landscape, using drawing, photography and sculpture to express her vision. Catrin uses the outdoors as a mechanism and metaphor to explore her inner world.

For Catrin, the main elements of being an artist are to believe in yourself, follow your intuition and listening to your feelings to create a piece of art. “We all have within us a creative force and an artist within.” But for Catrin it’s about daring to take that first step to believe in your self, for her the strongest power of art is that you listen to your feelings. 

Joanne Mitchell’s recent sculptural work examines how immaterial elements can be exposed or preserved through glass, exploring the concept of making visible the intangible, using air as a metaphor for thought, memory and absence.

Her work has been presented in galleries across the UK and in exhibitions in Europe and America, and featured in several publications on British Glass. Joanne has designed for Edinburgh Crystal, and been resident artist at the National Glass Centre, Sunderland.

Alongside her practice Joanne is currently researching glass at The University of Sunderland, for her PhD. Joanne’s research has developed pioneering kiln forming techniques to create forms and images trapped as air bubbles, suspended within a glass space.

For Zoe Preece the condition of being in-between states is central to her current working practice. Uncertain and transient, it is a condition that exists at the heart of human being.

The meniscus on a spoon filled to the point of tipping: this visual detail has been the point of return for her more recent works. The bulging liquid at the very limits of its container and beyond, describes a moment of extended pressure, of pent up potential. The ubiquitous image of spoon becomes a reference point towards connected narratives in the mind of the viewer. A thought, an idea is offered to the viewer through the repeated image of spoon.

Tim Shaw works internationally as a professional composer, performer, sound designer and researcher. His practice incorporates diverse approaches to sound capture and processing, and includes creating immersive and site responsive sonic installations.

His compositional methods include field recordings, synthesized sounds and live electronics, providing a wide scope for creative diversity. Collaboration plays a central role in his approach and Tim has presented work in various international venues.

At the heart of Tim’s work lies a concern with the auditory reflection and mirroring of real world environments through sound and technology. He is currently studying a PhD in Digital Media at Culture Lab alongside managing Newcastle based record label Triptik.  

Tu Fewn is an exciting development opportunity for arts organisations in Wales to commission new high quality work by Disabled visual artists from across the UK and Internationally. The three participating Galleries in Wales are Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, G39 and Ffotogallery

Tu Fewn was commissioned by DASH Disability Arts Shropshire Working in partnership with Disability Arts Cymru with funding from Arts Council Wales. The aims of Tu Fewn are to increase the number of Disabled visual artists :

  • Exhibiting in mainstream galleries in Wales
  • Developing Curatorial skills with Mainstream galleries in Wales
  • Working with Arts Organisations in Wales
  • To change working practices of galleries and arts organisations through a practical partnership and network
  • To increase the number of Disabled people as an arts audience

How to book:

Tel: 01633 483321


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