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27 November 2012

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Liz Crow is looking for Anti-Austerity Volunteers for the next phase of Figures!

Figures (www.wearefigures.co.uk) is making visible the human cost of austerity and urging action against it. Now that the 650 figures have been made, we’re taking them on tour to five locations between London and Bristol.

For each location, we are recruiting a team of brilliant volunteers to involve members of the public in conversations about the themes of the work. In particular, we want volunteers to reach people who are insulated from the sharp end of austerity, supporting them to question current events and values, and discover their own role in searching for something better.

Dates and locations as follows: 
Fri 1 May – London; Sat 2 May – TBC; Sun 3 May – Swindon; Mon 4 May – Chippenham; Tues 5 May – Bristol.
For more information please contact jessie[at]roaring-girl.com.

Please click on this link to read why 'Figures' is so important to Liz Crow