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Oska Bright

Short films are like short stories, very hard to get right but those on show at the Oska Bright International Festival by People with Learning Disabilities are a testament to the skill and art of making an impact. And all the ingredients are there...

An attention grasping opening scene, in the craftily shot flexing fingers of a silhouetted figure against blinding light, segueing into a bloody body on the floor in ‘The Bell Ringer’…. The stylised cameo photos of ‘Day and Night’s’ female dancers, twirling across windows on the screen, a mixture of pink and black and white.
A comic pair, like Laurel and Hardy but with a ‘Piano’, supping beer as they take a hammer, a mallet and finally a bicycle pump to a recalcitrant piano in a church. When it grows and explodes they are left with no option but to pipe in the bride and groom by blowing across the top of their empty beer bottles.

A swift squirt of ‘Tude-Away’, the aerosol that gets rid of bad attitudes in a flash.

But best of all was the ‘Hope Springs’ soap. Shirley tells the drama teacher to ‘F… off’ then collapses after eating too many crisps, but is she really dead? Simon’s been mugged and needs protection but who’s out to get him? The day centre manager Rod is up to no good in a derelict car park and has a sudden need to find some quick money.

‘To be continued…..’ scrawls across the screen and we are left dangling……. I just have to see the next one!