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16 October 2012

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This section of DAO provides disabled artists and writers with a space to give our readers an inside view of their art practice, share thoughts and receive comments and feedback.

These blogs provide an informative and entertaining insight into how disability and impairment are experienced from a disability perspective.

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New Score, New Head-Baton, and Ready to Make Some Noise!

3 May 2016

Blog James Rose

This is my last blog article before the conducting development week at The Royal Academy of Music and things are hotting up. The score is ready and we now have a brand new version of the head baton. It has been interesting preparing the parts for the four instruments all be it challenging at times when my computer decided to freeze before saving the work I'd done! One of the many tasks I completed this weekend was to tidy up the layout for each of the parts, minimising the clutter of...

Signs: Shrinkage

1 May 2016

Blog Richard Downes

The Old Garden is fixed in my mind forever. There is no getting away from the system. Out there its inside too - internalised. The work house is industrial red brick; portioned out in millions with millions separated by cement but morticed tight together as if a full soul lock in of lost, forgotten names.   Though we spent our lives together behind the walls we never learned each other's names. In fact the number ruled.  I was 21 as I've said before. 21 cotton stuck to...

London, my London

27 April 2016

Blog Sophie Partridge

London. It was a fluke, my moving here and nearly 20 years ago now... Oh I had visited - weekend trips and skives off school (I was a boarder down in Hampshire. Lunchtime concerts at the Royal Festival Hall (amazing how appealing classical music becomes when you have Saturday lessons!), then freezing outside after, with our packed lunches and cuppa soups!  Posh London: Once an evening trip to the Royal Opera House for the Magic Flute and falling asleep on the way home… Throwing...

Nick Priest reflects on the 'Is that all there is?' conference

25 April 2016

Blog Creative Minds

'Is that all there is?' was a two-day conference organised by Open theatre Company designed to encourage fresh thinking about involving young learning-disabled people in the arts. It took place at Birmingham Hippodrome 9-10 March 2016. Well, the ‘Is That All There Is?’ conference is in the books, and will go down from my perspective as an event that saw the world of learning-disability arts take centre stage where it so richly deserves to be, and hopefully serves as the...

Signs: Float On

25 April 2016

Blog Richard Downes

Why for the choice to live in bubble floating high in Dreamland encapsulated, ensconced and apathetic untouched, unloved, unwanted unengaged but separate and untroubled too cut off from pain and hurt refusal and rejection Why for the choice to live in bubble when bubbles burst and lose their life as soon as contact with earth is made Why for the choice to live in bubble and not to raise the stick or roll forward to prick and break free of depressive thought numbed by convention bricked off by...

Welcome Spring

19 April 2016

Blog Alan Hopwood

April 2016 Blog Spring feels very welcome this year, after a spell of immobility, the sunshine has come and as always, it draws me out into the landscape. I am beginning to regain some independence and with it comes the desire to be creative. Photography is always my first outlet, even when my mobility is limited, it still allows me to get out and do something. At the moment, I am taking photos to inform ideas for a painting to hopefully be part of the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust...

The Learning Process

18 April 2016

Blog James Rose

Transitioning from a visual-centric way of thinking to the audio equivalent has been an interesting journey. It has entailed a change in the priority of what senses I use and ultimately how I think. With film, theatre, and dance, one can visualise their intentions before making them a reality.  But with sound, it's different - somehow more ethereal and generating the ideas forces you to explore the deepest crevices of one's mind. Well, it does for me anyway!  Ear training has...

Signs: Read Em, Write Em, Weep and Vomit

15 April 2016

Blog Richard Downes

Sitting on a train from Harpenden to Kentish Town I see a blue panel with 5 characters on it. A wheelchair user, a woman, a man, a baby and a carer. I think that's the correct order. So i start telling their stories in my head. Photograph the panel as I'm leaving and cut and paste it here. My stories feel true today. Austerity claws on and attitudes stink - worse than you think. So here in reply are my two profound moments Scenario 1. Baby comes into the world, grows up to be a man,...

Katie Wilson's thoughts on the 'Is that all there is' conference

15 April 2016

Blog Creative Minds

'Is that all there is?' was a two-day conference organised by Open theatre Company designed to encourage fresh thinking about involving young learning-disabled people in the arts. It took place at Birmingham Hippodrome 9-10 March 2016. Theatre needs to be accessible so learning disabled people don’t need a degree to get involved; show the skills you have, lead by example. This conference was a way for conceptual and thought-provoking work to be shared by young people and all...

Words, Talks and Belly Rubs

14 April 2016

Blog Penny Pepper

The sun is shining again as I write this, as it was in chilly January when I wrote my last newsletter.  It actually looks and feels like spring. Hurrah for that. Life continues in waves of intense writing, frustrating illness, and sudden peaks of activity in which I manage to get outside and meet people. Gasp in shock! I’ve been in the garret working on First in the World Somewhere, and have completed the first draft. Yippee! It’s meant three months of solid commitment to a...

So Mr Fry, where is the trigger warning for you being a twat?

13 April 2016

Blog Dolly Sen

So Mr Fry, where is the trigger warning for you being a twat? I used to have respect for you. After your first BBC programme on bipolar, I noticed a sea change in that people were more open about talking about mental health. But from there things steadily deteriorated. You became a self-appointed spokesperson regarding mental health, despite not experiencing poverty, bad or no housing, benefit cuts, psychiatric abuse or trauma, which more recent studies show contribute to mental ill health and...

The Green Man Walks

8 April 2016

Blog Richard Downes

The Green Man steps out. Ginger. Late for the Vernal, early for May the red orange Beltane fire. Vapid grey skies pierced by blue Cannot deny the yellow hue of the daffodil, the snow of the drop nor the vivid darkness of the bell. The ginger man steps out. Green The rain, the cold, the winter shroud of hearth, quilt and blanket kept him home but not alone And the black tar, scarred and shadowed pleurositic lung raps at a lack of confidence Keeping the green man; ginger This green man went for a...