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16 October 2012

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This section of DAO provides disabled artists and writers with a space to give our readers an inside view of their art practice, share thoughts and receive comments and feedback.

These blogs provide an informative and entertaining insight into how disability and impairment are experienced from a disability perspective.

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The Level Centre

31 October 2014

Blog Oska Bright On The Road

tina and sarah at the level centre

The day after our event in Nottingham we travelled through the Derbyshire countryside to the Level Centre, Rowsley.  We have met people from The Level Centre before, but we’ve never visited where they are based. It was a cool building, a bit like a space age tin can.  We were running our film making workshop, which we’ve changed since we ran it last time. All the people who took part were lovely. Some of them are hoping to make some films for the 2015 festival and...

Mission to Plymouth..

31 October 2014

Blog Oska Bright On The Road

Jason and Will at the Funky Llama Club!

Oska Bright at The Funky Llama Club...it was colourful, it was loud, it was a nightclub.. the fish police played and they were very good! We screened some films and ran a VJ workshop.  The film screenings were a bit mixed, sometimes we had very few and sometimes a lot of people.   As part of our screening they played the feature film Mission to Lars… It was a very emotional film, I thought it was good.  I know it’s real life but I usually tend to like those stories...

Inside Holloway - Channel 5 30/10/14

31 October 2014

Blog Wendy Young

Ruth Ellis

Usually I try not to watch harrowing programmes or films before bedtime (bit difficult at the moment due to Art of Gothic series on the BBC!) but I was compelled to watch 'Inside Holloway' on Channel 5 last night.  Part Two of a two part documentary, it made for a disturbing, depressing insight into the world of a women's prison. Ruth Ellis, the victim of a brutal, nasty, violent upper class man resorted to shooting him and in doing so was charged with...

Disabled people are not worth the minimum wage. How could I forget?

29 October 2014

Blog Deborah Caulfield

A self portrait of the author with two fingers

A woman’s blog is never done My last posting was a catalogue of horrors, a list of the ways in which the past four years have not been a good time to be a disabled person. Will 2015’s general election bring forth a kinder and more just government? One can only hope. I'm no optimist, yet I heard myself tell a disabled person with learning difficulties today that things can only get better... In my last blog I forgot to mention David Freud, the man in charge of benefit reform....

Buy an invisible person for Halloween!

28 October 2014

Blog Dolly Sen

Screenshot of ebay page selling invisibility

Have an invisible man, woman or dog for Halloween!  Available in small, medium, and large but takes up no room. Very quiet, shy invisible individuals too, you won't hear a peep out of them. This artist needs to make an honest buck! Go to Ebay Or be an disabled person under this current government - invisible surrounded by Tory ghouls and...

What artists do all day: Scribble while the world burns.

27 October 2014

Blog Deborah Caulfield

Page from my journal 10 October 2014

I was growing accustomed to feeling OK about myself, after nearly a lifetime of self-hate, all-purpose anger and general internal mayhem. At last, maybe I CAN be a proper artist, I was thinking. But look what I'm up against: Goodbye social welfare In May 2010 with the arrival of the coalition government, the future for disabled people began to look bleak. The recent past (since 1995) felt like the good old days; the Disability Discrimination Act a fart in the wind. Bit by bit the entire...

To define or not to define: the dirty 'disability' word

27 October 2014

Blog Editorial

photo of three images of the artist throwing an artificial leg at a pyramid of collecting cans

A stimulating discussion unfolded on Dao’s FB group last week in response to the Shape Open Exhibition, which was launched at Shape’s Gallery in Westfield Shopping Centre, Stratford last week. The call-out for Shape’s annual Open Exhibition was for the third year opened out to disabled and to non-disabled artists specifically asking for work on the theme of [in]visible. The question posed was whether Shape should be supporting work by artists who didn’t necessarily see...

Turning and overturning

26 October 2014

Blog Allan Sutherland

digital image of a open book pictured against a background of a pile of books

The late Dennis Potter once put forward the idea that each writer has their own field to plough. The nature of that field is determined by who we are - what lives we have lived, what we feel strongly about, what resonates for us. The process of writing is about continuing to find new ways turn that soil over and produce work that is fresh and exciting. For me that territory has long been about disability.  I have wanted to speak out about my own experiences of epilepsy.  I also...

doggy creativity and the tyranny of humanism in art

25 October 2014

Blog Dolly Sen

Lux the dog

I have sent Dolly to human training classes because, boy, does she need them. She is hard to train, that one. I don’t know if you know, but I am an artist too, primarily a sculptor. You can see some of my work on previous DAO blogs. I am a bit of a recluse in the art world, and don’t do many interviews or blogs, but I did promise writing something about the doggy creativity and the tyranny of humanism in art. Every major movement and innovation in art has been stolen from dog...

Older and colder - Day 6

24 October 2014

Blog Bonk's blog

I hate this time of year
now it starts to get colder and
I turn my heating on
Watch as the elderly struggle to keep warm.
Take some time to notice
Or just actually give a fuck
As that old man or lady down the road
Might be struggling or stuck
'cause that'll be us when we're older
when our hair turns to white
then we'll be the ones getting colder
as we shiver our way through the night