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16 October 2012

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This section of DAO provides disabled artists and writers with a space to give our readers an inside view of their art practice, share thoughts and receive comments and feedback.

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Life is a cabaret

22 October 2014

Blog Jane McCormick

Life is a cabaret

For some bizarre reason when I am sick in bed my brain tends to throw up jolly 'look on the bright side' soundtracks from from movies like Cabaret, Song of the south, and even, god help us, Mary Poppins. The worse the pain the more persistent the 'cheer up and be brave in the face of adversity' the song. A spoonful of sugar does not help my medicine go down. Not now, not ever.  Let me make this clear, these songs arriving uninvited on my internal iPod do not cheer me up....

Alive - day 5

21 October 2014

Blog Bonk's blog

So on day five still feeling alive Out for food, best mate by my side Mood has slowed down and I'm not feeling so high I can still smile but it's beginning to slide. Okay verse in depth, let's see what I say I'm meant to be a mad poet anyway Wide eyed and focus on the shadows of past Look for the demons that watch through mirrored glass Paranoid I am not. So I'm calling them out The voices that torment me are on longer about Listen intently to see if I'm still mad But...

Hurray Hurrah - Day 4

21 October 2014

Blog Bonk's blog

I'm alive and out of my bed These tablets I can feel as my body digests My mind is clear but now racing like a jet Synthetic I know, But it's filling the gaps As I venture around and now out the door Iv not felt this good before I don't feel lathargic Or stuck in bad mood I feel naughty and cheeky, So sorry if I'm rude But I feel like it's working and I'm climbing back from the dead I'm not a great believer in medication But this time it seems that these pills are...

King Bonk - Day 3

21 October 2014

Blog Bonk's blog

So a thirty day test to continue to write a poem a day to capture insight Let's see what effects these new pills start to bring And if I can still perform and sing I feel okay though it's only day three It's normally about 4 weeks till the med start to work But right now I'm fine head doesn't hurt I'm not depressed I'm just in my low Worried about mania when the prozac starts to show BEWARE when the cycle is in full swing And I'm up in the clouds - the bipolar...

Fade away - Day 2

20 October 2014

Blog Bonk's blog

Distancing myself
from the mist that echoes my name
Medication is nearing,
Inner memories being tamed
Will it put out or dampen my flame
Who to ask when point finger of blame
I can write for now as I will each day
Until the pills make creativity waste away

To Begin at the Beginning...

17 October 2014

Blog Allan Sutherland

I am currently being mentored by John O’Donoghue to produce my first collection of poems, ‘Leaning on a Lamppost’.  I’m editing existing material and producing new work, and I’ll be blogging about the process.  It’s perhaps a surprise that I haven’t done any of this previously. I’ve been a mentor (to Colin Hambrook, now Editor of DAO - so that went alright) but never been mentored myself.  I’ve been blogged about, but never...

Funding success for 360 Degrees - A New Angle on Access

16 October 2014

Blog News

A partnership led by Freewheeling has been awarded £125,000 to make immersive art experiences accessible for all. The pioneering partnership has been awarded funding to make the arts available to people whose physical disabilities may have prevented them from engaging with it in the past. 360 Degrees – A New Angle on Access is the latest initiative from artist Sue Austin and aims to use innovative digital technology to take art into community venues, and even people’s homes....

Lord Freud so coy(ed) now! The Guy who came in from the Gold!

15 October 2014

Blog Wendy Young

Photo of Lord Freud on stage addressing a conference

How apt, just read Colin Hambrook's excellent editorial and in response to his paragraph: 'I think madness is often a sane response to living in an insane society... etc' I find I concur most sincerely (folks). Now we hear, in the 21st century this 'Lord' making claiming disabled people are 'not worth' the minimum wage. Somehow his derogatory comments about people who at least are willing to 'do' something to make their lives more bearable is...

Look what came in the post today

14 October 2014

Blog Jane McCormick

A badge saying 'Liam Gallagher is not my grandad'

Having a bed day today and was a more than a bit miserable and then this came in the post.....what a wonderful surprise. A Liam Gallagher is not my grandad badge and a bonus profile image of Her Very Very Highness herself. Cheered me up no end. I had forgotten all about my meagre contribution to Scottees Liam Gallagher is my grandad Fund it project back in May. He was planning to turn his grandad into a contemporary artist. I can't find anything about the project online... does anyone...

Mad Genius?

12 October 2014

Blog Dolly Sen

Dolly screwing lightbulb into sky

Thanks to Colin Hambrook, I was  asked to be part of a panel discussion on the concept of the Mad Genius at the Basement in Brighton on October 8th. The blurb of the event posted: 'The recent death of Robin Williams has strengthened the associations of creativity and mental illness but is the image of the troubled genius useful, and is there any truth in it? Is the image of the troubled genius an unhelpful, inaccurate cliché, or actually a way of re-evaluating the diversity of...