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16 October 2012

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artwork for Katherine Araniello's Sick Bitch Crips

Katherine Araniello's Sick Bitch Crip's features in DAOs blog section

This section of DAO provides disabled artists and writers with a space to give our readers an inside view of their art practice, share thoughts and receive comments and feedback.

These blogs provide an informative and entertaining insight into how disability and impairment are experienced from a disability perspective.

The opinions expressed in these pages are not necessarily those of DAO.

The hidden face of war

16 April 2014

Blog Richard Longstaff: Beyond Watford

I touched on the subject of war in a previous blog, 'Words of war' with the poem Volley of shots. It was just after writing this piece that Salerno’s Child came into my head. I don’t like writing about the same theme time and again but wanted to share this with you because it is a moving story. My father had served in the second world war and was part of the allied invasion of Italy in the September of 1943. The Salerno Landings as they are now known in the history...

Hamburger Queen: Where fat politics and disability politics meet – and have a party!

16 April 2014

Blog Nina Muehlemann

me winning Burger Queen in 2011. Also pictured are Gloria Swansong, who won the 2012 contest, contestant Bea Sweet and host Scottee

This month, ‘Hamburger Queen’, a beauty contest for fat people, is in its final run. Dreamed up by performance artist Scottee, the contest is part beauty pageant satire, part platform for chubby people. Contestants have to show off their fabulous outfits in a ‘fat trend’ round, their cooking or baking skills in the ‘fat taste’ round, and, last but not least, prove their fat talent. In the past four years, this round has incorporated anything from comedy,...

Not half right

15 April 2014

Blog Jane McCormick

Living with a neurological disorder that involves head pain there are many times when I don't feel quit right. Sometimes it's from pain and the general sense of brain disorder that goes with the territory and sometimes it's from the depression that is also part of the package. 'She/he is not half right' is a popular Irish saying to describe someone who has mental health issues but there are others that work equally well like 'Bad with the nerves' or 'Not all...

Sick selfie on virgin

8 April 2014

Blog Jane McCormick

Two photos of Jane McCormick with her head under a well, next to an image of the Virgin Mary holding a photo of one of Jane's sick selfie's

Holy wells specialising in the curing of specific diseases can be found all over Ireland. Such illness are often reflected in the names given to the wells: Tobar na sul (the eye well); Tobar na plaighe (the well of the plague); Tobar na ngealt (the well of the insane) to name but a few.  Last weekend I took the waters at St Mullins well in County Carlow which is said to have the cure of both the headache and the plague. I left a sick selfie on the virgin as a offering. I can declare a...

Trish invites you to fill in our Dao readers survey…

8 April 2014

Blog Editorial

Hand written multicoloured text reads: News Listings Reviews Blogs Interviews Galleries

This is the third consecutive year that we’re asking you to take part in our annual reader survey. It is absolutely crucial to our role in the arts to remain vibrant and interesting:  This is your chance to tell us what you like about Dao and how you would change or improve on our website, social media interaction and our activities out in the ‘real world’.  By giving us this valuable feedback we can make changes so that everyone gets a better service. Last year...


8 April 2014

Blog Katherine Araniello

Two Chihuahuas bathing in the sun under a palm tree

Much has occurred since my last insertion – I was the VIP guest on the Disability Now, royal podcast and I took great delight in airing my grubby haute couture on the government’s decision to remove the Independent Living Fund in 2015. I don’t really care because I’m a bona fide fake – if I wanted to skip jump run and defecate unaided I would – but I choose not to – it’s great fun having minions performing mundane tasks for one such as charring...

Mad dogs and Englishmen out in the noon day sun...

5 April 2014

Blog Richard Longstaff: Beyond Watford

I love to have family over for a meal. It’s nice to catch up and fill an evening with idle chatter. Last week my brother joined us for a few hours. After all the usual talk of work and the rest of the family we got around to the subject of our childhood. At the time an episode of Top of the Pops was on TV from the year 1976. David, my brother began to chuckle. “Do you remember that year, the hot summer and old Joe the scrap man?”. At first I have to admit I was lost. It was...

Colin raves over the last show in the preview tour of Let Me Stay - another of the shows which has just received Unlimited funding

4 April 2014

Blog Editorial

Julie McNamara photographed on stage with open arms, in front of a screen presenting a large image of her mother, Shirley

I can’t express how delighted I am that Julie McNamara and her company Vital Xposure have got an Unlimited award for Let Me Stay. I’ve known Julie a long time now – through thick and thin you might say. And I know her well enough to say that she puts everything into whatever she turns her attention to. Let Me Stay is a treat. I saw her in an extremely makeshift theatre space – the sort of space that proves that you can make theatre anywhere, if you are good enough and...

Why try to do it all yourself when you can get help?

2 April 2014

Blog Liz Porter: Learning to See

Photo of performer Liz Porter wearing sight aids and holding a cane

Delivering a full-on collaborative R&D project in which you are the main producer, writer, performer and administrator, is always going to be stressful. You could say that this is a character-building experience which will look good on your CV, and this is true. But actually it’s bloody ridiculous because what you want to be doing is immersing yourself in the creative process and letting someone else deal with all the partnership and artist agreements, finance stuff, booking access...

Trish Wheatley gives her first reactions to the Unlimited selections

1 April 2014

Blog Editorial

six guises of artist Katherine Araniello created for The Dinner Party

Unlimited represents a big investment in disabled artists and the selection for this round of full commissions and research and development projects contains some really exciting work. After the huge success of the Unlimited programme in 2012, which culminated in the Unlimited Festival at the Southbank Centre it is easy to try to make comparisons. Without the backdrop of the Olympic and Paralympic Games there is less funding – and that which is available has to stretch across three years,...

Temporarily out of service

1 April 2014

Blog Jane McCormick

Intermissions due to illness are a regular part of life for many people living with a disability and/or chronic illness. With me these pauses between acts can last a day, a week and sometimes months depending on the severity of the setback or flare up. This makes long term planning and committing to deadlines a challenge to say the least. Nowadays when I make plans I try to factor in the probability that there will be periods, short or long, when I will be temporarily out of service....


1 April 2014

Blog Richard Longstaff: Beyond Watford

watercolour illustration of a knitted boat sailing across a sea laden with fish under a sun with a large round face on it

A brief event. Why is it that these tiny fragments of memory seem to remain with us for so long and yet a major event, prolonged and drawn out soon fades? The choice of poem for this blog is based on events that took place in my early teen years. At that time my late brother owned a small fishing trawler. Every summer and half term holiday from school would be spent fishing with him. Three and four day trips to the seas off of Ireland or sometimes further afield. It was a wonderful time and...