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16 October 2012

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This section of DAO provides disabled artists and writers with a space to give our readers an inside view of their art practice, share thoughts and receive comments and feedback.

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Sign Off

26 November 2014

Blog Crippen

If you’ve been listening to the likes of Iain Duncan Smith (IDS), Esther McVey, Lord Freud and of course David Cameron, you’ll be forgiven for thinking that everything in the disability garden was coming up roses. They claim that the changes that they are making to the benefits system are all designed to help genuine disabled people get the financial assistance that they need, and at the same time weed out the imposters who are responsible for bankrupting this country [sic]. Well,...

Found Poetry? No shit!

24 November 2014

Blog Allan Sutherland

I talked in my last post about my found poems from NHS materials. To be honest, part of the pleasure of this to me has been that I do like the dark attraction of medical materials.  I enjoy old surgical textbooks with the frontispiece illustrations where you can fold back the skin to reveal the muscular structure underneath, and continue to reveal layer on layer of meticulously drawn anatomical detail.  And when my partner and I visited Paris, the place I was most insistent on...

Performance poetry: Learning the hard way. (Is there any other?)

21 November 2014

Blog Deborah Caulfield

Magnetic word tiles ona shiny surface

  Doing and learning   I'm learning by heart some poems I wrote in a class started by our slam impresario   the end of the course is nigh and resistance is as useless as punctuation in a poem   as if   performance is inevitable but not humiliation providing I learn my lessons and lines so to speak   to keep breathing not like underwater swimming submersion of an altogether different kind   absolutely no deep-end clichés here but indeed it is quite...

Libraries Alert goes on

21 November 2014

Blog Wendy Young

Mark Twain in Tesla's laboratory

Regarding library week on the BBC here is my contribution about Kensal Rise Library which is now being tampered with. There is continuing confusion as to what will happen to the library. I have blogged before re this beloved place where I found solace and relaxation when recuperating after a major illness. Having no decent computer at the time I was glad to see my council tax was going towards such a worthwhile cause and helped to keep me in touch with the cyber world. It smelt of wood and wax...

Culture Change

21 November 2014

Blog Crippen

Something that most disabled people have been aware of for some time now has been the change in attitude of the Access to Work benefits advisors. Originally set up to assist disabled people to find work and then enable them to keep their jobs, these ATW staff seem hell bent on throwing up as many barriers as they can, rather than working with disabled people to remove them. Now a whistleblower in the Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) has come out of the woodwork and told BBC News of a...

Pussy Riot dreams.

19 November 2014

Blog Jane McCormick

Pussy Riot dreams. Digital image.

Jenny Murray interviewed 2 members of Pussy Riot on woman's hour this morning. If you didn't catch it you can listen to it on BBC Radio 4's playback from this link. Absolutely amazing women to have lived through the brutality of Russia's Justice system (or lack therein) and still will not be silenced.   My protesting days may be over but I can still dream.    ...

When Is Giving Up Not Giving Up?

18 November 2014

Blog Gary Thomas

image of an old typewriter

It’s almost a month since I went to the annual London Screenwriters Festival, and as with previous years, it was a great experience. It was made easier this year (awesomely easier) by the fact that I gave up my pitching ticket at around 4pm the day before I pitched. The festival runs from the Friday – Sunday, and like most years, they do optional training that week. So I was super excited (awesomely exited) to go to the Lee Jessup Career Transformation Day. This was exciting to me...

Turning the Tables

18 November 2014

Blog Allan Sutherland

Found poetry is the literary equivalent of collage. It takes pre-existing materials, generally ones which would not be seen to possess artistic merit, and uses the techniques of poetry to create fresh new works from apparently unpromising sources. I have always enjoyed this process. In my student days I used to improvise live readings from the telephone directory. (Younger readers: ask your grandparents what that was.)  That was partly about satirising the pomposity of a certain style...

Disability Arts versus Pudsey Bear

17 November 2014

Blog Editorial

photo of a packet of Pudsey Bear sweets, sold on a train as part of a BBC marketing campaign

I often ask myself what is the point of Disability Arts? Every board meeting we have discussions about how we are swimming against a tide in our desire to raise the stakes for equality for disabled people. The attitudes that keep us in chains abound everywhere we look and our small attempts to challenge collectively are consistently ignored. Just last week we suffered the BBC’s annual celebration of everything Tragic but Brave in which Pudsey Bear struts his stuff to let the world know...

Introducing Paraorchestra member Steph West

14 November 2014

Blog Lloyd Coleman: The Sound of Disability

It's high time you lovely lot were introduced to some of the extraordinary musicians from the Paraorchestra.  To get us started, here's a video I produced earlier in the year, before the Sound of Disability project began. I interviewed Steph West for my online music show, Taking Notes. Steph is an extraordinary harpist, flautist and singer, with roots in folk music (although she is also able to play in many other styles, as is so often needed in the Paraorchestra!) In our...

At last, no housework, just writing (this poem for example).

13 November 2014

Blog Deborah Caulfield

Three disabled people inside a globe-like circle.

I'm half way through a six week contemporary poetry course, organised by Readipop. The venue is one of the meeting rooms at the excellent Reading International Solidarity Centre (risc). Our tutor is the wonderful facilitator of Dreading (Reading Poetry Slam), Michaël Gulliver Vidon. I enjoy working in groups. We do activities in ‘class’ and Michaël sets us homework, which we share on Dropbox. As well as meeting interesting and inspirational writers, I'm learning so...

Wet and wonderful Wales

11 November 2014

Blog Oska Bright On The Road

Oska Bright workshop

Day 1 Down the windy roads to Wales we arrived in the lovely countryside in a gorgeous house. Writing this blog in front of a wood-burning stove to keep us warm! We’re looking forward to tomorrow and our first VJ workshop!   Day 2 We drove across the border and over the mountains into Wales and to the new venue of Celf O Gwmpas.  It’s an amazing space, welcoming and we were given a tour by Shan, the Director of Celf O Gwmpas. Our very first VJing workshop went down a...