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16 October 2012

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Katherine Araniello's Sick Bitch Crip's features in DAOs blog section

This section of DAO provides disabled artists and writers with a space to give our readers an inside view of their art practice, share thoughts and receive comments and feedback.

These blogs provide an informative and entertaining insight into how disability and impairment are experienced from a disability perspective.

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The Essential Guide to Video Blogging by Katherine Araniello

30 July 2015

Blog Katherine Araniello

Still of Katherine Araniello taken from her Vlog

I am currently working on a series of video blogs that will run indefinitely. The attraction of these DIY blogs is that they are simple. Technophobe There are lots of tips and tricks that could make your life more fulfilled and one of mine is I film using my mobile phone which is portable/compact/anorexic and easy to handle. Turn on the video stabilisation and it couldn’t be easier. Another useful tip is always remember to not cover up the camera lens whilst shooting as it will be very...

Valuing the Difference

30 July 2015

Blog Trish Wheatley

Sue Austin, dressed formally in white with dark hair in up-do, next to Stacey Hadash, dressed in business wear with short blond bob-haircut.

Thursday 23rd July was the main event for our New York visit. Sue had been invited by Stacey Hadash, Managing Director of Global Capital Markets, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, to give the keynote speech at the annual Global Women’s Conference. This was a big deal. She would address a large group of powerful women who are real leaders in the world of global finance, the title of the talk being ‘Valuing the Difference’. Sue delivered a 20-minute talk centred on her journey...

Edinburgh Fringe Picks

30 July 2015

Blog Alice Holland

Le Gateau Chocolat poses in false eyelashes, glittering make-up and feathers, looking away from the camera

Thrilled as I am to be representing Dao at the Fringe this year, from even the briefest glance at the programme I can tell I'm going to be a whimpering, knackered mess by the end. There are so many performances and events by and for disabled artists this year that I'll need equal amounts of speed, spirulina and 'shut up, you have the coolest job going' to keep me going. Unlimited and the British Council are in town, and shows touching on everything from mental health to...

A short film about the voices I hear

29 July 2015

Blog Dolly Sen

I don't know if I have the mind I was born with, but I know my mind got hurt along the way. I have had psychotic experiences for over 30 years now. I am more able to function than say 20 years ago, yet the ghosts of it continue to haunt me. When I first heard voices and saw visions, it was thought psychosis was a brain disease with a genetic basis. More recently that has become a very weak hypothesis. More and more studies acknowledge childhood trauma is a major influence in developing...

Katherine Araniello and Simon Raven do 'The Golden Gherkin'

29 July 2015

Blog Colin Hambrook

photo of artists Katherine Araniello and Simon Raven dressed in black costumes with a stall of 'golden pickles'  pictured in front of the Damien Hirst 'Charity' sculpture near the Gherkin

Unveiled in the same week that the UK government scrapped the Independent Living Fund (ILF), a debate about the artistic merit of Damien Hirst’s 'Charity' (2003 - 2004) ignited on Dao’s FB group.  A 22-foot painted bronze likeness of a Spastics Society (Scope) charity collection box from the 1960's-1970’s depicting a sad disabled child, the press lauded it as a statement about disability rights and exclusion. Why? Because in Hirst’s depiction, the giant...

An Honest Review of Liberty 2015 by SickBitchCrips

28 July 2015

Blog Katherine Araniello

We, SickBitchCrips, thoroughly enjoyed Liberty 2015. In fact, we can honestly say it was the best 50 minutes of our lives. On arrival, we bumped into larger than life Mik Scarlet and his wonderful wife Diane. They couldn’t have spoken more positively about Liberty and we were itching to make our grand entrance to see what all the fuss was about. There were so many impressive moments we simply don’t know where to start. For example, the sculptural art that was the raised platform...

Opulent Mobility

28 July 2015

Blog Gini

on a graduated background, white to gold, a rather wonky sketch of a wheelchair utilizes a pair of pen and inked wings to look impressive.

Some years ago, after a chat about 'This is not Disability Art' I started my own 'This never used to be Disability Art' project.  Just me and Photoshop; with no thought or ambition for the work to ever escape the confines of the files on my computer. Then I got a 'Dear All' email from Colin (the Dao Editor), and a future for my time travelling wheelchair suddenly loomed into focus. Opulent Mobility, and the magnificent A. Laura Brody, were not just calling for...

Who does the life of the puppet belong to?

28 July 2015

Blog Christopher Leith

photo of the head of male puppet with its arm apparently holding it up off the floor

It’s great to be working again with the puppets. Seeing them move again makes me aware of what a great art form it is and why I love it. Having a great time! Not feeling tired. I am amazed at how well my body is coping. It’s much easier rehearsing from a wheelchair than I thought, but I miss not be able to get up and join in the warm up.  We had our first work-in-progress for '3 Stages For Lazarus' at Hastings White Rock Theatre in early July. I'm aware I'm...

Introduction to my interactive accessible art installation

28 July 2015

Blog Gemma Nash

‘A Womb With A View’ is my creative response to growth attenuation treatment, gender identity and the reproductive rights of disabled people, particularly women.   In 2007 a young disabled girl, ‘Ashley X’, had a hysterectomy to improve her quality of life. The combination of the surgery and the oestrogen therapy attracted much public comment and ethical analysis, both supportive and condemning. Recent cases of growth attenuation, dubbed ‘The Ashley...

Me and Comedy

27 July 2015

Blog Dolly Sen

Ladybird Book of the Menopause Cover

I have recently given up my occupational therapy course. I wasn’t the right mind shape for the role. So I am at a bit of a loss as to what to do next. I asked the question to some facebook friends: what other career options I should consider? Stand-up comedian came up more than once. I would love to be one, but I am also a paranoid who will be wondering why people are laughing at me – you can see the dilemma I have. Not only that, anyone who read my first memoir ‘The World is...

Liberty Festival 2015

27 July 2015

Blog Colin Hambrook

photo of disabled performer Jamie Bedard flying through the air on a wire, dressed in a white suit

I arrived at the Liberty Festival in the Queen Elizabeth Park in Stratford with that M.E. glow, swollen glands and throbbing head in a howling freezing wind and lashing rain, thinking “what am I doing here?” By the early evening I left with that Liberty love thing that keeps me going back year on year.  Liberty has always been about a sense of community and grass roots, which has been helped in recent years by the association with Together! who presented an afternoon of music...

Sonic Vistas: gearing up for a performance at Liberty Festival with Sophie Partridge

24 July 2015

Blog Ivan Riches

We, Sonic Vistas are organically consolidating as a group. And we couldn't be more different as artists and personalities, yet it works beautifully. And the key aspect of that, is in how we develop and construct our songs in their arrangement, with 7 of us in the band this is crucial.  We cannot continuously bash away together at the same time, so not playing at certain times is as important as playing, like being in a mini orchestra. We also have to link our playing with the films I...