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16 October 2012

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This section of DAO provides disabled artists and writers with a space to give our readers an inside view of their art practice, share thoughts and receive comments and feedback.

These blogs provide an informative and entertaining insight into how disability and impairment are experienced from a disability perspective.

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Sue Austin to talk at SEND: 4th March in Barnstable, North Devon.

2 March 2015

Blog News

Making Our Own Story :SEND Network Meeting March 4th 2015 from 7.30 to 10.00pm at Portmore Golf Park, near Barnstaple, North Devon. Sue will be talking to Social Enterprise North Devon. There will be plenty of opportunity to network and explore new ideas and opportunities for your area of interest, business or current initiatives.  Tea and coffee will be available. Tickets:  Up to 100 spaces are available for this event in order to ensure your free place please -...

Accessible London theatre?

1 March 2015

Blog Gini

a close-up image of the warhorse head in chestnut brown against a black background. The external framework is clearly visible, with a leather bridle and an open, lifelike eye

Seeing the 25th February news item on Dao, the first thing that struck me was a sense of excitement. The promotional video showed prominent images of Warhorse - actually showing at the New London Theatre. My own experience of just that, was not the best. Maybe things have improved?  A chaos of milling customers had made it difficult to find out exactly how I was to gain access to the New London Theatre. Without ambulant help I might not have discovered that wheelchair access was around the...

HEXOPOLIS: Now open for participatory art!

28 February 2015

Blog Katya Robin

Hexopolis: Your Idea Here. A sample template sheet for participants to add their ideas about hexagons and cities.

I’m showing my thoughts and interpretations of hexagons and the city at Pages | Leeds International Artists’ Book Fair, exhibition continues until 22 March. I’m also opening up my research project for crowd-sourced ideas and contributions. Join in the public participation at The Tetley, see venue website for access details. At the opening (6-9pm, Fri 6 March) there will be paper crafts, making hexagon love letters and hexaflexagons. Or you can participate via the Hexopolis...

Alternative Psychiatric Risk Assessment Form

26 February 2015

Blog Dolly Sen

Mental Health Risk Assessment for Mad People

Do you need an assessment form to ascertain risk from being in mental heath services? Do the T.I.A.R.A. (The Institution Attendence Risk Assessment)  NEGLECT: Are you at risk from neglect from services? Is there a previous history of neglect and inadequate care from services? EXPLOITATION Is there a risk of exploitation? Are they going to gain financially from your vulnerability? VIOLENCE & AGGRESSION Is there a history of violence and aggression from staff/system? Have you been...

To interupt the series on Liminality.....

25 February 2015

Blog Richard Downes

...... I went out last night with Suzanne Bull and Peter Hope and as i've already said on facebook Its a simple comment but it blew me away. We talk about isolation and loneliness and here are two people who i wouldn't normally thinks that applies to but Pete was talking to me about making friends with us all through our activism and finished by saying "and here we are twenty years on". Blimey is it so long since we changed the world. Another 20 and maybe we'll be gone but...


24 February 2015

Blog Dolly Sen

I do not have blue eyes by Dolly Sen

Suicide is selfish. Being a burden to loved ones and society is selfish. Still hurting after evidence-based treatment is selfish. Helping someone is selfish. Not helping someone is selfish. Walking by a homeless person is selfish. Giving them money is selfish. Laughing with so much pain in the world is selfish. Crying at things you cannot change is selfish. Hurting from abuse is selfish; other abused people don’t hurt as much as you. Selfish. Selfish. Selfish. Being excluded by society is...

Flo Brooks - A Heavy Load; Participatory Review 3

23 February 2015

Blog Richard Downes

Tribute to Colin Hambrook. Who said this review looks more like a series of blogs rather than a review. he knows so much that man. The original review with this photo was short, succinct and so very, very, wrong and it contained this nugget: "I am fascinated by the look of the Muddy Lane String Band. Folk is white, folk is old, folk is cashmere jumpers and a finger in the ear. I wear my prejudices well. Black and white for this colour snap". And I know What i know And what I know Is...

The pain game: All blame, no gain.

22 February 2015

Blog Deborah Caulfield

Abstract image representing pain

body says that fucking pain is back I wish I wish I wish I wish I wish it would just I just wish it would just I just wish I wish it would go just go just go away just go oh you you you you you have nothing at all nothing at all nothing to gain by complaining because you you you are to blame for the pain brain opines to spine who’s rather shy and rarely smiles and whines and sighs and cries and you you you you you know nothing at all nothing at all nothing and if you had...

A Heavy Load / Participatory Review 2

22 February 2015

Blog Richard Downes

The Muddy Lane String Band. We Are Waiting

I like that. Participtory Review 2. It the rhyme. A happy accident. Unplanned. Adventures in liminality continue. Where was I. Oh yes. The review continued like this. A photograph. The same one that appears here. A flash. I am now in the scene. Participatory. The words that followed came like this. "The band waits to play. Some are attentive of each other. The banjo player knows he is being shot. A set list lies on the floor. This is the Muddy Lane String Band, contributors to the Private...


20 February 2015

Blog Colin Hambrook: Editorial

Dear readers, firstly I’d like to apologise to all those individuals who have been communicating with me over the past few months, who I have promised interviews, reviews, listings etc. but have been frustrated by my lack of communication.  It has been a stressful time as my father is fast approaching his dying. I am currently overwhelmed by attending to his needs with the rest of my family. Indeed for all of us who are close to him the acceleration of his passing has been sudden and...

A Heavy Load. Participatory Review

18 February 2015

Blog Richard Downes

Photograph of a Flo Brooks Painting showing a woman working, shaping an object.

Warning this is not a review. This started as a review. There was an event. Time. Place. Art the dominant subject. I was there to review. Then something happened. I was captured by an idea. I ran amok with it. I got some of it right. I got some of it wrong. I'm still adventuring. Here is the start of the story. ON 10th February i attended a Private View. Flo Brooks exhibition Heaving The Lead Cecil Sharp House Flo Brooks describes liminality as ‘an unstable,...

Video: Introducing Paraorchestra member Adrian Lee

16 February 2015

Blog Lloyd Coleman: The Sound of Disability

It's time for our next musician to be put in the spotlight, and this week it is my very great pleasure to introduce you to Adrian Lee.  He is an indispensable member of the orchestra for which I'm writing - here you can read my thoughts on a fabulous gig he and fellow guitarist Tom Doughty did at Unlimitied last year. And as you'll hear in the video below, Adrian's introduction to music and subsequent work has been a truly kalaidescopic mix of styles and genres. He's...