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16 October 2012

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artwork for Katherine Araniello's Sick Bitch Crips

Katherine Araniello's Sick Bitch Crip's features in DAOs blog section

This section of DAO provides disabled artists and writers with a space to give our readers an inside view of their art practice, share thoughts and receive comments and feedback.

These blogs provide an informative and entertaining insight into how disability and impairment are experienced from a disability perspective.

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Brain Dept

27 March 2015

Blog Jane McCormick

Brain Dept

Good to know someone's at the controls in the Brain Dept today because I'm sure as hell not.

Exhibition Dates announced for '360 Degrees: A New Angle on Access'

23 March 2015

Blog News

Dark space with tropical underwater environment projected onto strips of paper suspended in a pentagonal shape.

The Exhibitions will be at The Plough Torrington 28 - 30 April & Salisbury Arts Centre 5 - 7th May. Come along to experience the latest 360 technology for yourself and help shape the future of digital technology. Films from Sue Austin and Kevin Clifford will be shown on Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headsets and projected onto large installations. Funded by the Digital R&D for the Arts, there will also be evening artists talks with 360 film screenings & free one day workshops.

Alan Hopwood blog 2

21 March 2015

Blog Alan Hopwood

Sea scape construct

Hello again, this is my second blog and I would like to continue introducing my creative processes and what drives me to make the art that I do. As I mentioned in the last blog, I have a condition that effects my joints and muscles causing varied amounts of pain and fatigue. This meant that each day was unpredictable and limited what I was able to do. I knew that I needed to try to remain mobile, so walking was vital; this is where the interest in photography developed, it made a slow walk much...

There aint ‘alf been some awkward bastards

16 March 2015

Blog Colin Hambrook: Editorial

the word 'anarkissed' written in a scrawling, heavy black and white hand across a white gallery wall

Having entered a decade akin to the Victorian age with an increasing rise in importance placed on benevolence and charity we have to ask ourselves is there a place, now, for Art Movements that seek to address social justice and inequity within society? Or do we rather want to throw in the towel; see it all as worthy nonsense and let the White Men in their ivory towers carry on business as usual putting the mundane and populist at the top of the charts. Has Disability Arts or Black Arts or...

Video: Introducing Paraorchestra member Baluji Shrivastav

16 March 2015

Blog Lloyd Coleman: The Sound of Disability

Watch the video below to hear how my piece (as yet untitled) is influenced by two musical ideas which originated in music of the Baroque era. I also provide demonstrable proof that composers don't always simply write down music that comes into our heads, aimlessly forming a piece as we go. Sometimes, it's possible to take a small idea and play with this using a variety of established compositional techniques.  Also in my video blog this week, Baluji Shrivastav - amongst the first...

Gestures of Resilience

16 March 2015

Blog Dolly Sen

Gestures of Resilience Event

On 24th March I will be performing at the London College of Communication.  The blurb for it says:  Gestures of Resilience" is inspired by exceptional people, individuals with a gift of life beyond the narrow definition of 'the norm'. This event celebrates their knowledge and experience through personal and creative 'gestures of resilience'. Using film, performance and autobiographical presentations for and by people with experience of alternative inner vision,...

A Modest and Honest Guide for the Febrile-Disabled

13 March 2015

Blog Katherine Araniello

SickBitchCrips detest all of you and we look forward to your tragic, pitiful demise. We are outcasts from everything and have zero pity for anyone, least of all you criplets. We are appalling and nasty, degenerative atrophied SickBitchCrips and intend to remain wheelchair dependent for the rest of our sorry little helpless lives. Regrettably we recently survived a severe bout of acute pneumonia and we hate ourselves for this, unfortunately a stint in the high dependency unit did us the world of...

hug this blog

12 March 2015

Blog Dolly Sen

Hug Me Book

 I created art about an awkward relationship between reader and book where every page says 'hug me'.

Don't feel awkward enough? 

Hug this blog. Go on, put your arms around it...

Art, Austerity, Activism

12 March 2015

Blog Alice Holland

Three unfired clay figures representing individual stories of the cost of austerity

In the week dominated by coverage of Martin Sheen’s speech on the danger of middle-of-the-road politics whilst the NHS is eroded I found myself sporadically weeping into the pelt of a Golden Retriever called Archie and plotting to blow up Parliament. Welcome to arts administration. In preparation for Liz Crow’s new sculpture performance ‘Figures’, I had the grisly-yet-illuminating task of copy-editing 650 stories of the human cost of austerity, each one to be represented...

Introductory Blog

9 March 2015

Blog Alan Hopwood

The dry stone wall and writing in this image come from a derelict barn, I allow them to appear translucent within this Derbyshire landscape with its dramatic sky.

Hello, this is my first blog for DAO so I will introduce myself a little and share what is happening at the moment. I am a visual artist who has studied Fine Art at Masters’ Degree level as well as lecturing in Fine art for some 12 years. In 2014, my muscular skeletal condition escalated to such a level that I had to stop work and register myself as disabled. Since then I have been, as we all do, finding a life balance that enables me to manage my condition whilst still having some...