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16 October 2012

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Katherine Araniello's Sick Bitch Crip's features in DAOs blog section

This section of DAO provides disabled artists and writers with a space to give our readers an inside view of their art practice, share thoughts and receive comments and feedback.

These blogs provide an informative and entertaining insight into how disability and impairment are experienced from a disability perspective.

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Forrest Gumption

22 July 2014

Blog Wendy Young

Forrest Gump walking

To the GP I started to walk Feeling free I could not stop Along the way I met humanity I admired big houses I smelt the dried piss streets As the pavement spread Into the darkest of towns Even in the sun It was glum Downtrodden people Trying to live Life's struggle not healed With a few rays of sun Just lighting up the gloom I strode in hope Wafting through the mire Perchance to to tire Perchance to dream To sleep in this heat I wore out my feet I thought 'like the fella in the...

Sanity Test Kit instructions

22 July 2014

Blog Dolly Sen

Sanity Testing Kit

My artistic output at the moment is very driven. I guess you just need to put me in the sun to ripen. If my daily deluge is too much for you, do not worry: you will return to your usual programming soon, when I will switch from art to writing for the rest of the summer months. ONE STEP SANITY MAINSTREAM TEST Please read all instructions. They will tell you what to think, do and feel. Failure to follow instructions may impair your ability to be part of the machinery. How to use the test: Remove...

Picture from a Not Dead Yet Movement 2

22 July 2014

Blog Richard Downes

Activist from Disabled People's Direct Action Network holds placard outside House Of Lords reading 'Lords of Death'

Thanks to Dennis Queen for telling me where I could the picture I was looking for in Picture from a Not Dead Yet Movement Again this comes from the action against Lord Joffe's bill not Lord Falconer's. I suppose if you replace a spade with a spade it still goes by the same name - 'Lord Of Death'. Great title sir. Back in the day, we all knew the Lords of Death would be back. Flocking rook like in a parliamentree, espousing blinkered wisdom like owls caught in daylight. Birds of...

Equality & Dignity - out of stock?

21 July 2014

Blog Dolly Sen

Why am I called a service user

Why am I called a 'service user' when I have no choice in services? If I went to Argos for a kettle and somebody pumped me full of drugs I didn't want, pushed me on the floor because I complained my kettle was faulty, or electrocuted by said kettle, you know, I wouldn't go want to go back. How in any way, shape or form is that a service, especially if this 'service' affects your statutory rights. No refunds or exchanges for missed life. So I had fun creating an...

Picture from a Not Dead Yet Movement

21 July 2014

Blog Richard Downes

Way back in time  a fellow named Lord Joffe tried to get the Assisted Dying Bill through parliament. The Disabled People's Direct Action Network (DAN) mobilised and put on a show which the majority of the Lords supported. I remember taking a shot of an activist from Birmingham (Paul? if memory serves). He was holding a placard reading 'Lords of Death'. I looked for it. It felt apposite. Timely and with shades of Doctor Who. A science fiction skit perhaps wherein the elderly,...

Responding to Dolly

21 July 2014

Blog Gini

A yellow lamb with red feet, a loopy-lamby body, wide eyes and a smiley mouth is leeping over the coloured cushions on my bed

I am longing to respond to Dolly Sen's blog of 20th July 2014, with encouraging reports of bedlam spreading through the country... Similarly, the proliferation of arty ovine quotes, making more and less sense of the wolf since maybe its the black dog... Winston Churchill said that 'Without tradition, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd.' Not sure I can make any sense of it, but would add: 'there is something about making things beautiful (me -...


20 July 2014

Blog Dolly Sen


The dictionary definition of Bedlam is 'a scene of uproar and confusion'. This is because sanity constructed it to be that way. As Thomas Fuller said,  'It is madness for sheep to talk peace with a wolf.'  If I had a free creative space, I would create a public Bedlamb, inspired by the one I created in my new home. A place where no wool is pulled over the eyes, yet a place of warmth, cuddles, and safety, with a Dolly Booooooooooooo Peep to make sure no one gets lost....


19 July 2014

Blog Jane McCormick


Stretch your legs, partake of some refreshments and talk amongst yourselves till I get back.  

I should warn you though, I may be some time.

Do Not Bend Mind

17 July 2014

Blog Dolly Sen

Pain of Madness by Dolly Sen

My madness is sometimes a beautiful thing. It occasionally shows the world through x-ray eyes where all you see is love. And sometimes you look through the world with x-rated eyes that terrorises you into silence. Art does the same. It is such the twin of madness, they are almost conjoined. I don't know if I can separate them without one of them dying. What if it is the art twin that dies, with madness alone and feeling it has lost something? Today I have created two conceptual pieces...

Signdance Collective trailer for BAD ELVIS

16 July 2014

Blog Signdance Collective International

In collaboration with BBC Radio 4 the show premiered in Manchester /Salford at BBC Centre and then went on tour in Miami, USA. We are looking for venues , promoters , festivals , and events to showcase and perform Elvis . The show lasts one hour , and is a great , fun roller-coaster ride . Directed By - Sue Roberts  Written By- Katie Hims Puppet - Barbara Bulatovic Choreography-Isolte Avila  Producer- Jane Jutsum Features the SDCI International Touring Ensemble featuring ...

Being alive - a creative act.

14 July 2014

Blog Deborah Caulfield

Photograph of Deborah Caulfield wearing swimming googles and pulling a silly face.

The GP said I probably have a fractured vertebra. After getting an X-ray (result pending at time of writing) I did the following in this order: Had a lie down (because it hurt). Bought a portable DAB radio (in case I have to go into hospital). Went for a swim (to relieve the pressure of gravity and to exercise the bits that aren’t broken). What’s this got to do with art? Everything. My life is a work of art in itself, or so it seems to me right now. Being alive is my best work to...