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16 October 2012

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This section of DAO provides disabled artists and writers with a space to give our readers an inside view of their art practice, share thoughts and receive comments and feedback.

These blogs provide an informative and entertaining insight into how disability and impairment are experienced from a disability perspective.

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The Writing Group - Gave Life to My Words

24 November 2015

Blog Kuli Kohli

I have struggled to speak up for myself in the past which is the main the reason I write. I have always been a writer, it was a means of getting the sealed emotions, feelings and desires out of me. I had no professional to guide or teach me to improve my writing skills until I found a writing group. After years of writing intermittently, I finally completed my first novel "Dangerous Games - What Will People Say?" in 2009. I had written a manuscript of just under 100,000 words. What a...


23 November 2015

Blog Alan Hopwood

Alan Hopwood  November 2015 blog Interruptions It has been an exciting period since my last blog, I have turned 50, had work exhibited in Leeds and Leicester, and began my mentoring programme thanks to DASH. At the same time my work is at a crossroads, I have been looking back, searching for a way forward. It is always interesting to look back at old sketchbooks, especially if you can do it with another creative person. The multitude of options and possible directions that are forgotten,...

The first of my 'how to' guides in regards to mental health

19 November 2015

Blog Dolly Sen

How to avoid the diagnosis of schizophrenia

I am part of a facebook forum called 'Recovery in the Bin'.  This User Led group is for MH Survivors and Supporters who are fed up with the way colonised 'recovery' is being used to discipline and control those who are trying to find a place in the world, to live as they wish, trying to deal with the very real mental distress they encounter on a daily basis. We believe in human rights and social justice! Today someone wanted to create a spoof leaflet on how not to be...

Notes from SICK! Festival...

17 November 2015

Blog Colin Hambrook

a picture of a park bench with a series of pie charts assessing how the bench feels about itself

I was invited to be part of the SICK! Festival Thematic Advisory group and recently attended a meeting at The Manchester Museum with a large group of academics, theatre producers/ makers and representatives of Arts and Health organisations. The purpose of the thematic Advisory Group was to help shape the focus and content of SICK! Festival in 2017. With broad provocations on themes of identity and selfhood the day was full of engaged and passionate discussion focusing on art and philosophical...

Lost in Spaces - the final lift off!

16 November 2015

Blog Penny Pepper

Award winning writer, poet, performer and activist Penny Pepper presents her highly anticipated, unique one woman show Lost in Spaces at the Old Town Hall Stratford as part of Together Festival / Disability History Month. Saturday 21st November at 3.30pm.

Despite the broken shoulder, the crushed ankle and the dodgy eyes (brave crip, hey?!) the show must go on. This Saturday 21st November is the last tour date of Lost in Spaces at the Old Town Hall in Stratford as part of the Together Festival and Disability History Month. It is a matinee performance at 3.30pm, it is BSL interpreted and it is FREE! I'd love to see you there for this final airing of this spoken word memoir piece, my journey from childhood to the present, touching on key issues...

NDACA: From the past, the future...

16 November 2015

Blog Alex Cowan

A selfie taken with a special Rostrum Camera of NDACA archivist Alex Cowan, he has tape around his mouth and his eyes closed, with detritus surrounding him

Since July 2015 I’ve been working with the artists and organisations whose pledges are going to form much of the NDACA (National Disability Arts Collection & Archive) collection. They’ve put up with my visits and questions and finalised what they think best illustrates the Disability Arts Movement and the personal experience, social and political struggles that informed it, from each of their points of view and as shown within their pledges. Come 2017, NDACA will boast a wealth...

One Sided?

15 November 2015

Blog Esther Fox

Early ideas of planning how to use imagery and text suspended within the temporary exhibitions case

Since my last blog, I have been thinking about the importance of depicting multiple viewpoints relating to genetic screening in the final piece of work.  In particular, the choice of materials will be integral to the way the concept is explored.  I have been considering a range of options but I am most drawn to the idea of printing on glass, to create multiple layers where sometimes text is visible and sometimes the negative spaces become equally important.   The text will...

Pudsey stashes away almost 90million pounds!

14 November 2015

Blog Crippen

BBC Children in Need, which has raised more than £600million since 1980, has allegedly stashed a large part of this into its investment portfolio instead of giving it directly to those children it claims to collect the money for. BBC Children in Need has £87,705,000 invested in a range of portfolios, up from £81.2million last year. Another £2.2million is sitting in its bank accounts, up from £864,000 last year. The current charity drive, hosted by the BBC,  is...

A Lesson Learned

11 November 2015

Blog Richard Downes

Fans of this particular blog-o-sphere - and there are thousands - will know I spend quite some time bashing the tragegy model as often as I am able to. Someone has to do it. ANd here's another opportunity. I never watch children in need. I prefer to attend Burn Pudsey Friday. But there's no avoiding this really is there. A creature of habit my tele viewing usually goes from the news to the local news to the awful one show and the one show represents one of the pudsey peddlars....

360 Degrees - A New Angle on Access Research Results Published

10 November 2015

Blog News

Freewheeling has now published their findings from the NESTA-funded Digital R&D project ‘360 Degrees: A New Angle On Access’ to facilitate the next generation of film-makers exploring 360 degree film and projection. The use of 360º immersive technology presents a major opportunity for arts organisations to reach out to new audiences and enhance the audience experience. In particular, it provides a means by which disabled people who face barriers in terms of leaving the home...

Operation Invisible

5 November 2015

Blog Crippen

The following has been written by Bob Williams-Findlay, long time disabled activist and academic, who is explaining why Operation Invisible is taking such a firm grip on disabled people's imagination. "What is Operation Invisible? It is a simple idea: to bring together disabled activists and our organisations to produce 'campaign material' aimed at making our allies aware of our current dissatisfaction with how we are both seen and treated within mainstream organisations and...