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16 October 2012

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This section of DAO provides disabled artists and writers with a space to give our readers an inside view of their art practice, share thoughts and receive comments and feedback.

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Lazy Sunday: A patchwork of possibilities. TB or not TB. No question.

23 September 2014

Blog Deborah Caulfield

Day in Life (working title) 2014.

I have a problem. I can’t (as in it’s not happening) draw, paint, write or otherwise create. Cook, even. Much. These days. Apart from Tzatzki, which doesn’t involve heat, so strictly speaking isn’t cooking. Pathetic. Nor can I read. I finished a book two weeks ago and since then I haven’t managed to start another. Pathetic. Yet! I’m surrounded by stimuli, natural as well as the other kind. So last Sunday I took photographs of some of the things around me; in...

Doing daily life in Tsukiji and Ginza

22 September 2014

Blog Gini

Close-up photo of the wellknown 'person in wheelchair' image reinterpreted as a raised silver cut-out on a white background wall. A solid rectangle joins the lower large wheel almost to the upper small circle, the head. The arm and the chairback are paral

Travelling with a smallish suitcase, mostly full of stuff to keep my body ticking over, and gifts, there is not much room for clothes. I get very fed-up with wearing the same stuff over and over. Today seemed just the day for a ladies lunch and for checking out some local fashion. We try a couple of sushi restaurants in Tsukiji, but they don't want me. The first says yes and then no, all smiles and welcoming body language, but saying my wheelchair will be inconvenient. The second has a very...

Housebound in Tokyo

20 September 2014

Blog Gini

a two story building in corrigated tin cladding. It has 5 visible wooden balconies, one on the ground floor with rush matting drapped in front of whatever opening is behind it. There are lots of small plant pots with spiderplants and similar grassy things

My temperamentally clicking wheelchair has been whisked away and I sit frustrated watching the day pass by. It seemed like a good idea at the time - to get it properly checked out here by the maintenance guys at Yamaha. But the sun shines, the river calls, Tokyo hums gentle enticement. My chair is promised back by 10.00 tomorrow, batteries fully charged and ready to roll. Confined without my wheelchair, I need purpose to my day and I plan to draw. The photographing of low-rise Tokyo dwellings...


18 September 2014

Blog Gini

A very blue image of water and sky; water, the infinity pool, taking up the bottom third of the view. The mist fountains mask the horizon and melt into the low lying white cloud. Three white masts with white sails are just visible peeking above the mist a

Kasairinkaikoen is the train station before Disneyland; Kasai Rinkai is a large park on the coast with access to the sea, containing Tokyo Sea Life, a great glass observation platform, a Ferris wheel, picnic areas, restaurants and some great places to sit and relax. Tokyo Sea Life, today's destination, is on three levels. The top one is circular with an offset glass observation /information dome. This circle is almost surrounded by an infinity pool that blends visually into the sea,...

Playing with words and rolling the terminal roof in Yokohama.

17 September 2014

Blog Gini

looking down on the wood-clad roof/floor of the terminal building at people sunbathing, relaxing and promenading. Looking inland with Yokohama skyline as a backdrop, you can just fit glimpses of blue sea on each side of the building.In white paint on the

Yokohama is also a familiar destination, the annual visit to its Chinatown being a regular enticement. Sadly this year our favourite dim sum restaurant has closed. Friends choosing the alternative venue are carnivores and simply don't understand eating without meat. But one of them has spent time in a wheelchair and has an understanding of access requirements. Shopping for strange Chinese goods is part of the deal, browsing the two main, crowded streets, is fascinating and as usual the...

Making language visual: an interview with Jean St Clair

17 September 2014

Blog Kaite O'Reilly

Photo of Jean St Clair collaged in half in two separate photos. In one she wears a dark blue suit and in the one a light grey suit. She stares at the viewer with an intense expression

British Sign Language (BSL)  creative consultant and performer Jean St Clair has been a close friend and collaborator for a dozen years. She has worked with me on many productions – advising on translation/ reinvention from spoken/written language into visual language with National Theatre Wales (‘In Water I’m Weightless’, 2012), Graeae (‘peeling’ 2002) and now for a second time with Forest Forge Theatre company (‘peeling’ 2011, ‘Woman...

The Unlimited Festival: an overall impression

16 September 2014

Blog Unlimited 2014

still from a film by Jo Verrent and Luke Pell showing an overview of two disabled people in their underwear lying on beds in two separate screens

By Gary Thomas I should begin with a note that I didn’t go to everything, but when I did attend the Southbank Centre was buzzing, and so was I. The first thing I noticed when I walked in on the Tuesday, the opening day, was Jo Verrent & Luke Pell’s striking ‘Take Me To Bed’, on the large screen at the back of The Clore Ballroom. It’s a choreography of sleep, with familiar faces from the disability art world on a bed, sleeping in various positions. The screen is...

On walking wheels in Ginza...

16 September 2014

Blog Gini

This is a photograph of two telephone booths, one twice as wide as the other. they are both black metal framed with lots of glass. The door of the wider both does not extend to the ground, but stops about 3/4 of the way down. the handle is close to the bo

A visit or so ago I discovered the most sparkly wheelchair on display on the designer floor of a Tokyo department store. I attempted to enquire about this diamanté encrusted spectacle, but could find no-one able to tell me more. I kept an eye on the space. The chair disappeared for a while, but now it's back together with the words 'walking chair' - I'm thinking about that... Not one day goes by without seeing someone with a visible disability out on the streets,...

Owen Lowery reading at the Southbank Centre on 7 September

15 September 2014

Blog Unlimited 2014

up close portrait of Owen Lowery, poet, with his face turned side-on

By John O'Donoghue I was a little underwhelmed last week by the Poetry Book Society’s announcement of the ‘Next Generation of 20 Poets' expected to dominate the poetry landscape of the coming decade.’ For one thing I’m sceptical about marketing campaigns that seek to highlight poets and poetry.  The Great British Public seems as indifferent to their bards as they are to their politicians, as if the two tribes are becoming beleaguered, endangered species. And...

Distractions on my way to the Imperial Palace.

15 September 2014

Blog Gini

This two story home is a mix of weathered wood and yellow painted concrete or stone. A lot of greenery, mostly Fatsia Japonica, grows around the entrance along a short crazy paved path. there is a confusion of rooflines, on the ground floor a wood clad sh

The day after the torrential downpour dawns with blue skies and sunshine. Tempting fate I plan to head in the direction of the Imperial Palace to find the National Museum of Modern Art. On all previous attempts it has rained and I've turned back because it has been serious rain, rather like that we've experienced recently... Today the sky is clear and the temperature comfortably in the high twenties. Heading out I take a small detour - spotting a wonderful small building for my photo...

In Memoriam: For Dao Poet Richard Longstaff

15 September 2014

Blog Editorial

photo of a bright red / orange butterfly with thick black lines and white circular spots delineating areas across its wings

On Saturday 6 September Richard Longstaff’s wife Rachel rang to say that he had passed away, peacefully with his family beside him. Richard first told me the devastating news of the cancer at the beginning of last June. And it was soon evident that it was terminal. The last time we spoke was just over four weeks ago. He hoped to write some more for Dao, but the pain and exhaustion from the illness had made it impossible.  My sincerest condolences go out to Rachel and to their...

Are you a copyrighted soul?

15 September 2014

Blog Dolly Sen

Mirrored Identity

By adding some text to a cheap mirror, I want people to question their identity and who owns it? Is it an abusive childhood, is it a system that delegates you to the sidelines because an unexamined but programmed view of disability? Are you scared to look in the mirror because somebody else has defined you as ugly? Why are other people owning your gaze? Who says you are you? Who has written your script? Look into your own eyes and be able to keep the stare. Copyright your own soul. Don't...