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16 October 2012

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artwork for Katherine Araniello's Sick Bitch Crips

Katherine Araniello's Sick Bitch Crip's features in DAOs blog section

This section of DAO provides disabled artists and writers with a space to give our readers an inside view of their art practice, share thoughts and receive comments and feedback.

These blogs provide an informative and entertaining insight into how disability and impairment are experienced from a disability perspective.

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Excitement at the final composition 'Towards Harmony' plus an introduction to Paraorchestra member Clarence Adoo

22 May 2015

Blog Lloyd Coleman: The Sound of Disability

photo of Headspace performer Clarence Adoo in concert

My composition Towards Harmony is now finished and ready to be premiered by the British Paraorchestra on 3 July in the Colston Hall, Bristol. Watch the video below to hear a sample of the final composition and to hear an interview with Clarence Adoo, founder member of the Paraorchestra and the Headspace Ensemble.  Clarence illustrates how the Headspace works and how he came to develop the instrument with Rolf Gelhaar using sound beam technology as the starting point....

Election Fever – like Ebola but more fatal

18 May 2015

Blog Richard Butchins

sepia portrait of writer Richard Butchins

So, we recently had an election, in case anybody missed it, and I nearly did. The result was mind numbingly predictable the Tories won in England and the SNP in Scotland and nobody has any idea what happened in Wales.   I see much moaning and wailing about the outcome and what it means for disabled people; the thing is it doesn’t mean much.  It will be business as usual under a Tory government. Labour espoused much the same welfare and arts policies as the Tories (not to mention...

Musings on the subject of PEG limericks

18 May 2015

Blog Allan Sutherland

book of Shakespeare sonnets open at page 18

In my last post I mentioned the difficulty of finding a rhyme for ‘percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy’. I was subsequently challenged, by the Miriam Rothschild Chair of Environmental Biology at the University of Cambridge, also known as my brother Bill,  to produce a limerick on the subject. I believe he thought I would not be up to the task. It is part of the role of an elder brother to provide an appropriate response to such insubordination. Hence the following (which may,...

Name a thing and it is: on the process of finding titles and character names…

18 May 2015

Blog Kaite O'Reilly

We all have to die. My next play 'Cosy' is a darkly comedic look at the joys and humiliations of ageing and how we shuffle off this mortal coil. The rising tensions between three generations of a dysfunctional family ask us to consider what choices we really have in a world obsessed with eternal youth, and whether we truly own ourselves. I recently befuddled a friend with the title ‘Cosy’. ‘But it’s about growing up, and ageing, and rubbish families and...

Six Points about Public Access & Democracy

10 May 2015

Blog Katya Robin

'Votes for All' chalk text on hexagon paving at the threshold of the  stairs and ramp access at Charter Square, Sheffield on Polling Day 2015.

For Polling Day I revisited Charter Square to hold a rememberance action.  Slogans, referencing the Chartists' Six Points, were chalked on the paving slabs. Allthough it was built with ramps, rather than access for all adaptations being awkwardly retro-fitted, like many underpasses, it is little-used. Charter Square is a crumbling Brutalist  development, notable for its hexagonal paving and tiling. It is a barren memorial to the Sheffield Chartists.  The Chartists demanded...

Gory Tory

8 May 2015

Blog Wendy Young

Mine eyes have the seen goriness Of the coming of the Tories Life now won't be so glorious It'll be just bloody tedious The government promotes shareholders and selfishness and greediness Thatcher's troops go marching on! C'mon everybody - chorus: Gory Tories will deceive us Gory Tories will deceive us Gory Tories will deceive us Thatcher's troops are marching...

UK Welfare-Related Deaths: The Black Triangle List

30 April 2015

Blog Vince Laws

upside down black triangle within a black square against a white background

The following text taken from the Black Triangle List was found and edited by poet, artist and campaigner Vince Laws in collaboration with film maker, digital artist, and campaigner Andrew Day.  Made for Dandifest! Norwich launch 27/5/15 with Arts Council England funding from the National Lottery, and donations. Hello John I'm a poet, artist, and campaigner in Norfolk.  I want to list the people who have died within 6 weeks of their benefit ending.  I...

Training Update: 360 Degrees of Potential

30 April 2015

Blog Alice Holland

Alice Holland and Mat Fraser hug and smile at a party, both dressed in black leather

I am sitting in a darkened theatre watching Sue Austin fly around me in her underwater wheelchair at her first ever hometown show, and I feel the traces of her soaring ambitions everywhere. This will be a more personal blog than my last; not because I’m not engaged in the work of this exhibition but because the journey I am taking feels poignant today. As a dreamer of dreams and a maker of bold moves I hope Sue will forgive me for not giving a more thorough coverage of the piece here, but...

Disability Arts is dead! Long live Disability Arts...

26 April 2015

Blog Colin Hambrook: Editorial

In a recent Guardian blog theatre critic Lyn Gardner quotes the late Chinese Communist leader, Mao Zedong: “Works of art which lack artistic quality have no force, no matter how progressive they are politically.” Gardner goes on to talk about ‘quality’ in relation to Disability Arts, specifically Learning Disability Arts and the Creative Minds conference, which took place in Bradford recently. Posted on the Dao FB group. It provoked a fair bit of response from a few...

Exhibiting logically

17 April 2015

Blog Katya Robin

hexagon shape newspaper collage with texts: ''ALL YOU NEED

Now uploaded my report on the Hexopolis show at  Pages, which was held at The Tetley, Leeds,  at my site, Katya Robin Studio.  It includes some  of my thoughts behind the unusual dislay methods.   The Tetley has very good wheelchair access in my experience, and although Gallery 1 isn't huge,  I was keen for people with mobility difficulties to be able to get in and look around. Included in the exhibition were a selection of my research papers. These were...

Moths will always dance round a flame....

14 April 2015

Blog Wendy Young

Moths around a candle flame

Candle Styx So it goes moths gather round a flame So the mollycoddled will get theirs fanned So sure are the popular of their fame So sure their bullshit will go untamed So sure the covert stirrer will not be exposed So assured worshipful oohs and ahhs Now you know the tricks That duped your younger self Gullibility and ignorance helped you on To places where you survived But one day woke to realise You were just a joke, accessorising their egos Exorcist of their remorse When the real needy are...

Blog 3 Post Easter

14 April 2015

Blog Alan Hopwood

Alan Hopwood

With the Easter break over, it is the last week of my exhibition at the Landscape Gallery ( still available to view on my website www.alanhopwood.com ) and this has been a period of thinking rather than working. Seeing work together in a show, helps you to understand a collective direction, and it was rather apparent that my work has been moving towards a more abstract language. Driven, I think by an interest in the aesthetics of peeling paint and decay, a desire to be more creative and...