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A day in the life of Sophie... / 2 November 2011

To further my conversations with the characters in 'Altered Egos' - my series of monologues - I have extended the fictional email correspondence with Sophie. Let me know what you think?

Hi Bernie, thanks for your texts/calls. Sorry I haven’t replied. Is there any chance you’re free to help me shift the last few boxes? The house is being valued Tuesday. It's still a tip but I’m just useless when I’m there on my own (even in the daytime now). I’m sure these tablets the doctor gave me aren’t helping. I went round there this morning to collect the post etc. but his car was outside… I just can’t face him Bern… Christ what a bloody mess. Lots of love Sx

Hi… come on Soaf! You promised you’d keep in touch and let me know how you’re doing this time? Yes, I can only imagine what you’re going through but come on… play fair… after all let's face it soaf... when things get ugly it's not just you that hits the fan is it? I must admit it did add insult to injury when having not contacted me for weeks you only do so to ask a favour. You know I’m on your side here pet, but you’re going to have to start pulling your own weight (or at least try to). I’m not being a bitch Soaf, I’m just saying what you need to hear. That’s what friends are for eh? I’m in tonight… if you call me (!) we’ll work out the boxes etc…SHIT its just started raining and ive got washing out. Talk later x

I know and I'm sorry. John sorted the boxes in the end, so don’t worry about that (thanks anyway) good news… the house is worth more than we thought so that’ll make things a lot easier. John's renting a flat in Portslade but I don’t know if he’s still seeing her and I don’t know if I want to know. I’m still at mums. She’s been great... don’t know what I'd have done without her. I watched ‘Withnail and I’ last night. Remember it? Reminded me of uni… Jesus we didn’t know we were born eh?... lots of love x

Hello petal you sound perkier…! Im glad you stayed with your mum…(a miracle!) You're getting on so well… has she had a personality transplant? Don’t forget…if you fancy a change you know where my spare room lives! It was great to talk on the phone last night… I'd love to meet up Soaf. Let me know when you feel more comfortable about leaving the house. I'm really proud of you Soaf…love as ever xx