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Abnormally Funny People

A group of gifted stand-up comedians strutting their funny stuff. All but one of them is disabled. They are all very, very, very funny people.
Adams, Jon

Adams, Jon

Jon is a freelance artist working across platform using sound, drawing, written word, photographic manipulation, installation and through 'art in public'. His work references his Asperger's and dyslexia weaving in fragments of autobiography, science and hidden metaphor.

Ajadi, Bim

A filmmaker and director known for his cinematic and versatile work in film, music videos and television. His work is a kaleidoscope that is edgy, thought provoking and challenging. Please enjoy browsing Bim's website and feel free to contact himfor more information.

Aldridge, James

Aldridge, James

James Aldridge has been working as a professional visual artist for over ten years; using creative ways to develop, and communicate to others, sustainable and nurturing models of being with the world and each other. His work focuses on the role of visual arts practice in promoting ecological awareness.


Robin Surgeoner: AKA Angryfish is a Writer, Performer, Workshop Leader, Qualified Trainer and Disabled Artist.

He has been performing as a live musician since the 1980’s and has been developing, writing and performing his own material including; song, spoken-word and theatre throughout his performance career.

Araniello, Katherine

Disabled performance artist and filmmaker. Site includes a selection of film stills and critiques, subverting traditional perceptions of disability.

Austin, Sue

My studio practice centres around finding ways to understand and represent my embodied experience as a wheelchair user, opening up profound issues about methods of self-representation and the power of self-narration in challenging the nexus of power and control that created the ‘disabled’ as 'other.'

Behrman, Andy

Site for American author Andy Behrman. Contains details of his book A Memoir of Mania, published by Penguin Books.

Bentley, Liz

A sit down comedienne halied by The Scotsman as a female Ivor Cutler. Liz provides entertainment from 10 to 60 minutes with story, song (with ukulele and Casio keyboard) poetry and competition (if required and useful for the smaller audience).

Berton, Suzanne

Discover the diverse creations of Canadian artist Suzanne Berton. Subjects include buildings, portraits, caricatures, watercolours, drawings, wood reliefs, juvenile works, nature and religious art.

Bhamra, Kuljit

One of the most inspiring and influential musicians, composers and record producers on the British Asian music scene. A pioneer of the worldwide Bhangra phenomenon, he combined traditional Indian rhythms, with western instruments and multitrack recording techniques, thus transforming Punjabi music into a new dancefloor sound. Since the age of 18 Kuljit has composed and produced over two thousand songs and is responsible for the rise to fame of numerous Bhangra and Bollywood stars.

Black, Lynda

Artist with mental health issues who creates one-of-a-kind plush polkadottydolls, artwork and clay sculptures, handmade with lots of love and imagination!

Bloch, Steven

Steven Bloch, who died in February 2008, was a professional photographer who worked both in the United Kingdom and abroad specialising in promoting awareness of disabled people for over 10 years. His work was published by various government bodies, publishing houses, the national press, disability press and educational institutions as well as numerous charitable organisations. The Department of Work and Pensions, Oxford University Press and the Open University.

Booth, Sally

Sally is a visually impaired artist who works primarily as a painter in oils and watercolours, using photography and sketchbooks as part of her practice.

Bowring, Heather

 Self taught artist who has developed a new style of tactile relief work paintings that are meant to be touched. This work has enabled her to invite into the art arena the previously excluded audience of the blind and visually impaired, so they too can share the experience.

Buchanan-Dick, Malcolm

A renowned, award-winning artist who uses combinations of digital and traditional technologies to create and control interactive sculptures and environments.

Burn, Sean

sean is an outsider artist, a live art performer and a writer with a growing international reputation and involvement nationally in disability arts. he works across live art / digital arts / installation / soundmapping / film / visual poetry and spoken word to challenge ownership of narratives.

Cardus, Caroline

A visual artist interested in language, identity and sub-cultures, using a range of mediums including digital photography, collage, text based work and steel signage, as well as painting and printmaking.

Carr, Liz

Liz Carr is a British actress, stand-up comedian, broadcaster and international disability rights activist. She is currently working on 'Assisted Suicide: The Musical', due to be produced as part of the Unlimited 2016 showcase at the Southbank Centre, London.



Carrington, Leonora

English writer and painter who was involved with the Surrealist movement during the 1930s. Her story 'Down Below' gives an account of her experience in a Spanish insane asylum after her lover Max Ernst, was sent to a concentration camp in 1939.

Clark, Laurence

Disabled stand-up comedian who has been taking the UK disability circuit by storm.

Close, Chuck

Chuck Close is reknowned to be one of the foremost contemporary portrait painters in America. This website gives an overview of his lifes' work.

Cockburn, Paul. F.

Edinburgh-based freelance journalist: specialises in arts & culture, disability issues, and military resettlement. Recent articles and reviews have appeared in regional and national publications including Able, Disability Arts Online, The Herald,, and Scotland on Sunday.

Conde, Sidiki

Disabled dancer and musician from Guinea, West Africa and member of Toukounou Dance Company. Site provides video clips and photos and a resume of his work.
Cooper, Simon

Cooper, Simon

Colour is the secret key to my work. I am an abstract artist and I break up images. I specialise in traditional and digital printmaking including painting. You can view a gallery of my work on my website.