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This is a 4 frame strip cartoon entitled Criptarts - Episode 58. The first frame and second frame are joined and has Criptart regulars Liz, Bonk, Tom and Val standing in front of a whole range of protest banners. The banners read 'Disabled People Against Cuts', 'Still fighting to save the ILF', 'No more cuts - no more deaths', and 'Help us to live with dignity - not die'. Bonk is also holding a placard that says 'IDS has got blood on his hands'. They are all looking at Tom who is holding the 'Daily Fail' newspaper. The paper's front page says 'Duncan Smith blames disabled protesters for telling "montrous lies" about his benefit cuts'. Tom is also saying: "IDS says that we've all become ungrateful monsters". In the final two frames Bonk asks: "What do you say to that?". Tom replies: "Well, he's the one that created us!"