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Black and white film poster of a young person's face behind the barrel of a gun

Rapid Intervention - a Clear Cutz Film in association with Flyte Films

Rapid Intervention - a film by Mark Collins

Set in a sleepy seaside community where nothing out of the ordinary happens, Chris Davidson is on a journey fraught with physical, mental and spiritual obstacles. His internal struggle with a diminishing faith is coming to a head as he strives to keep his life on track

The larger than life fragments of our existence pieced together like an entwining kaleidoscopic playback of our lives magnified on a bigger screen.

A gritty yet reflective film with elements of the supernatural, this dramatic insight into a small town lovable rouge will leave you speechless.

Mark Collins, writer and director of the short film 'Rapid Intervention'. is currently at Flyte Creative Media and studios working with David K Bower and the team on pre-production for the film.

David, the deaf actor who is well known for his lead role in the British hit comedy film 'Four weddings and a Funeral' opposite Hugh Grant, but just as well known as artistic director for the international touring company Signdance Collective based in Amsterdam and Bucks - plays the lead role in the film- CHRIS DAVIDSON, a lovable small town rogue in this tense short drama.

Director Mark Collins said: "This is a great opportunity to collaborate with such professional and experienced people including Stephen Hope-Wynne playing TONY the armed police officer and introducing 10 year old Sammy-Joy Bonetti as JENNY the daughter of CHRIS who plays a pivotal role in some touching family scenes in our film."

The production which is a collaboration between - up and coming Flyte Studios Isle Of Wight, Sign Dance Collective International and Clearcutz Productions, will be filmed entirely on the Isle Of Wight during November 2012 with a release date early in 2013

David Bower said: " Im very pleased to be involved in this production because its a quality script , and its great that the production team is so inclusive and welcoming' this is a very cool project with loads of energy and new ideas "

Jamie Griffin director of the production house said : On behalf of Flyte studios we can't wait to start!

For further information or to get involved please contact Clear Cutz Productions


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