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Tough Summer / 7 November 2016

Tough Summer It has been a very tough summer, with my condition flaring up more frequently, and staying for longer than usual. Hence I haven’t posted a blog for some time and I haven’t been working creatively either. This I have found comes at a cost; when I am ill, is when I need my creativity most. It has a very therapeutic effect as well as giving me a reason to get out and move around. Without it, depression starts to get a foothold and everything becomes harder, both for me and my family. I am at the stage where I know I need to do something about it, hopefully in time, because ignoring it causes it to become all-encompassing and even harder to escape. So I am back at my desk, looking through sketchbooks, old photos and my reference books to see if I can jump start the creative process once again. I did manage to produce one piece of finished work this year, a painting for the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trusts exhibition at the Guild Hall Leicester, it even got a show on the BBC local news, which is always a boost. The painting, shown here, is called “The last walk of winter”, Lucas Marsh. 2016 mixed media on canvas 100cm x 80cm As usual, I use the landscape to explore my emotions, and as the title suggests, it was on the last day of winter, with me being optimistic about a change in not only the weather, but in my mood and mobility. Unfortunately winter dragged on a bit in the metaphorical sense, and here I am still trying to shake it off. I have various strategies, and notes; meditations etc to help me in such times, and above all I have my family. Supportive and willing to give a little nudge in the right direction when I let things get on top of me. Hopefully my next post will be soon, and I will have done some work to combat this depression and get back to loving life again.


Alysse Einbender

1 December 2017

This painting is stunning!And your experience with depression, familiar. I'd like to invite you to submit art to an international juried exhibition and sale of work by artists with physical disabilities. Please contact me if you are interested. I wish you all the best.