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Ann Young

23 June 2010

Hi Vince, you were fantastic at Disability Pride! I wanted the event to show the strength, the culture and the beauty of disabled people and I think we did.

It doesn't matter what label you attach to some one, at the end of the day, we need to be valued for who we are.

VIew pictures from Disability Pride, 2010 at

Ann xxx

vince laws

17 June 2010

Hi Jason, I'm not in Brighton but i applaud your venture. contact james at gscene magazine.... he may well run a news item, he likes community events

good luck with it and let me know the date... vince

jason abrahams

17 June 2010

Think were singing from the same song sheet brother. Hello i'm Jason Abrahams and I like yourself am on a mission of change. No more guilded ghettos or bird cages; pride in all and respect for all under that rainbow x

I'm in the process of putting on an event in brighton... Ok Brighton. Ready for something to really have PRIDE in this year?

Well, here's the plan, and the reasons for it: AS MARTIN LUTHER KING SAID


After living in Brighton on and off over the last 20 years, I have seen a lot of change, some for the good and, well, some for the bad.

I suppose the big thing that changed was the community. With the advent of the internet, ghettos were formed and communities divided. When I arrived in Brighton it was more of a BEAUTIFUL collective. Bars and clubs were almost gender free, you were there to have fun, laugh and dance. Gay, straight, pink, green didn't really matter, what mattered was RESPECT and PRIDE.

I believe it's time to bring those communities back for one day. Laugh, dance, smile, share – young, old, gay, straight, children, mothers, sisters and brothers...all those we love.

This will be an alcohol free event. It also will be a free event. Any monies raised, and I can personally assure you that every penny raised will go direct to .. Chiva the Childrens HIV association and The Rocking Horse Appeal.

No one is invited to ride on the back of this event for profit.

The Event will be a picnic location which is currently under negotiation, with acoustic sets by some of this city's finest. There will be play activities for children and relaxation areas.

It will be everything and more

How can we do it in just six weeks?

Alone, I can't - but together - we can.

Let us know if you have a skill or service you can provide for free and please contact me. If you can print posters and flyers or get in touch if you want to bake a cake and share it. Door people welcome.

Come and join me and together lets make something special happen x

Arty Farty

16 June 2010

Interesting stuff Vince. Will watch out for you from now on :-)

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