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The Essential Guide to Video Blogging by Katherine Araniello

30 July 2015

Blog Katherine Araniello

Still of Katherine Araniello taken from her Vlog

I am currently working on a series of video blogs that will run indefinitely. The attraction of these DIY blogs is that they are simple. Technophobe There are lots of tips and tricks that could make your life more fulfilled and one of mine is I film using my mobile phone which is portable/compact/anorexic and easy to handle. Turn on the video stabilisation and it couldn’t be easier. Another useful tip is always remember to not cover up the camera lens whilst shooting as it will be very...

Valuing the Difference

30 July 2015

Blog Trish Wheatley

Sue Austin, dressed formally in white with dark hair in up-do, next to Stacey Hadash, dressed in business wear with short blond bob-haircut.

Thursday 23rd July was the main event for our New York visit. Sue had been invited by Stacey Hadash, Managing Director of Global Capital Markets, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, to give the keynote speech at the annual Global Women’s Conference. This was a big deal. She would address a large group of powerful women who are real leaders in the world of global finance, the title of the talk being ‘Valuing the Difference’. Sue delivered a 20-minute talk centred on her journey...

Edinburgh Fringe Picks

30 July 2015

Blog Alice Holland

Le Gateau Chocolat poses in false eyelashes, glittering make-up and feathers, looking away from the camera

Thrilled as I am to be representing Dao at the Fringe this year, from even the briefest glance at the programme I can tell I'm going to be a whimpering, knackered mess by the end. There are so many performances and events by and for disabled artists this year that I'll need equal amounts of speed, spirulina and 'shut up, you have the coolest job going' to keep me going. Unlimited and the British Council are in town, and shows touching on everything from mental health to...

A short film about the voices I hear

29 July 2015

Blog Dolly Sen

I don't know if I have the mind I was born with, but I know my mind got hurt along the way. I have had psychotic experiences for over 30 years now. I am more able to function than say 20 years ago, yet the ghosts of it continue to haunt me. When I first heard voices and saw visions, it was thought psychosis was a brain disease with a genetic basis. More recently that has become a very weak hypothesis. More and more studies acknowledge childhood trauma is a major influence in developing...

News: 'We All Bleed Red': Vince Laws creates inclusive artwork for local church

21 July 2015


News: 'We All Bleed Red': Vince Laws creates inclusive artwork for local church

Poet and artist Vince Laws has created 'We All Bleed Red' for the church of St Peter & St Paul, in Oulton, Norfolk. He has previously received poetry commissions for LGBT History Month; has supported Kate Tempest as a performer, and is the creative drive behind some of Norwich's most happening happenings.

News: Diversity and digital media at heart of new £107k programme from Disability Arts Online

10 July 2015


News: Diversity and digital media at heart of new £107k programme from Disability Arts Online

Disability Arts Online are today announcing the launch of Viewfinder, an 18-month commissioning, digital media and sector development programme funded by Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts, to be run in partnership with Wikimedia UK, Sick! Festival, SPILL Festival, Carousel, the New Wolsey Theatre, Culture 24 and Goldsmiths Disability Research Centre.

Review: Extant:ComBUStion at Liberty 2015

30 July 2015


The team at Extant and their accomplices The Bureau of Silly Ideas are in playful mood with their latest project 'ComBUStion', which premiered at London’s Liberty festival last Sunday. Review by Stephen Portlock

Review: SprungDigi Festival

27 July 2015


SprungDigi - an interactive digital arts festival in Horsham, West Sussex from 10-12 July featured giant portraits of learning disabled people projected onto buildings, a game played with an accessible mapping app and an inclusive, high-tech design workshop to re-imagine a town centre. Gary Thomas was there soaking up the digital vibes.

Review: All is calm, all is chaos, in Mark Wood's world

13 July 2015


Mark Wood, who died tragically in 2013 at the age of 44, was a prolific creative who worked in photography, painting, cartoon, poetry, short story and music composition. Deborah Caulfield reviews ‘Spirit of Nature’ an exhibition of his work on show at Oxford Town Hall until 22 July.


Interview: British Council Showcase at Edinburgh Festival

30 July 2015


The British Council Theatre and Dance team are currently busy working on their tenth showcase since 1997 at the Edinburgh Festival. Colin Hambrook spoke to Neil Webb, Director of Theatre and Dance about the outcomes British Council are hoping for as a result of the showcase and the broader spectrum of their disability arts work across the globe 

Trish Wheatley on 'Shaping a Diverse Future'

17 July 2015


As part of an Arts Council Catalyst funded programme arts professionals working in UK were invited to The Point, Eastleigh on July 10th 2015, to discuss through provocation, debate and performance 'Shaping a Diverse Future'. Here is director of Disability Arts Online Trish Wheatley's provocation on the future of the Arts.

Discussion: Accessible Edinburgh Fringe?

6 July 2015


Every August the world’s performers and entertainers flock to Scotland’s capital. Paul F Cockburn asks just how easy is it for disabled artists and audiences to get the most out of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe?

Resource: Crowdfunding for Organisations

18 July 2015


As part of a Catalyst project, working with Stopgap, Salisbury Arts Centre and The Point, Dao-ista Alice Holland took on the task of producing a crowd-funding campaign to raise funds for a show by disabled punk performance poet Rowan James: 'It's For You To Say'. Here she gives some background to the thinking behind the project.

Gallery: Create: Me, Myself, I: portraits by young people with autism

8 June 2015


This collection of portrait photographs was taken by young people with autism in a project led by arts charity Create following the theme of 'Me, Myself, I'.  The young people took portraits of each other to explore their identity and the identity of their peers, and in the process developed these fantastically dynamic shots full of movement and life. To create these portraits, the young people worked with Create’s professional photographer Alicia Clarke.  

Poetry: Kuli Kohli: Rag Doll

22 June 2015


Kuli Kohli was born with mild cerebral palsy in northern India and moved to England at an early age. She is a writer, mother, wife and full-time council worker.  Here she presents a selection from her book ‘Rag Doll’, published in 2014